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I have a wired network upstairs along with a belkin wirelss router, I then have 3 computers connecting to the network via wireless, I have a belkin wireless router at the centre of this mess connected to 1 hub and 2 switches, as my hall is now being decorated I would like to get rid of the telephone cable linking the Belkin wireless router to the phone line (ADSL), Im thinking of putting the Belkin router in the hall and putting some type of wireless networking bridge on one of the network switches, thus hopefully connecting the wired network wirelessly to the Belkin wireless modem router.

My question is any idea what product I need to connect my wired network to my wireless modem router, for internet access, and could this product also allow sharing to other network devices from the other wirelessly connected computers, or is it a case of having to get a router on the wired network for the wireless connections ie having 2 wireless devices on the wired network 1 for connection to the internet router and 1 for connection to my nas drives and other computers?

Tony Cross
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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Seems like you're complicating things abit...

All you need to do is use a wireless router as your only router, you can then run wires off it (they come with wired ports) to your wired network devices (get a switch if you need more ports) and then add wireless repeaters to cover the rest of the house.

Hey Tony, this is a pretty normal delema that most home users face who are used to networking their PC's for internet and want to go to wirless. I find most of my customers keep their older networking switches and hubs in place after going wirless which works fine, but as you can see makes things a little more difficult when moving or troubleshooting.

Let's consider first what would be needed to completely drop your hubs/switches all together.

The ideal setup would be to move your wireless router next to your high speed modem, wherever you want to store them in your home. This of course will give internet access to any wireless device within reach of your WiFi. The second step is to decide what fits you best for connection to your upstairs PC's.

Example 1:
Continue with a wired solution using all of your current wiring ran to hubs & switches. You can simply purchase a wireless Access Point such as this one: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=6759849&type=product&id=1088680027519, and install it upstairs programming it to connect to your wireless downstairs. This will provide the switch for your current wired PC's while providing a secure high speed connection to your High Speed modem. This will also insure good signal strength for wireless devices through out your home. Remember, and Access Point (AP) is defferent than most wireless routers you purchase due to the ability to form a bridge between two routers.

Example 2:
This will be great if your signal downstairs is of good quality at each PC throught your home. Simply purchase a wireless card, (USB would be easiest) for each computer, and drop the ever annoying wires running throughout your home all together. If your signal does not reach each PC, and you are really into the idea of getting rid of cables, you can add the AP upstairs for additional signal, and still add a wirelss card for each PC making your entire network completely wireless but you will of course need to weigh out your desires against your budget.

I started into business not more than a year ago, and home wireless networking is currently one of the highest demanded technogies here in Tulsa, OK. You can check out my website www.SecureTulsa.com for more information, or if you get into a bind, I would be happy to provide phone support to help.

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Hi Tony

Solution 1 :-     You can purchase a Gaming adapter - Netgear  WGE111 .You can keep you belkin wireless router in the hall and connect this gaming adapter to the switch which got connected to the wired network

     This gaming adapter will connect to your belkin router wirelessly. If you purchase a wireless AP you need two of them to make a repeater mode or bridge mode.First one is stay connected to the belkin router and the second one can be wireless


Solution 2 :-    You purchase a Wireless printserver built in 4 port switch - Netgear WGPS606

       This printserver will connect to your belkin router wirelessly and you can connect your wired network to this printserver also you can connect two USB printer to share your printer among the network

------> Since these two equipements are connection to the router wirelessly they are in same subnet your also share files and printer among the network


Senthil Kumar

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tonelm54Author Commented:
I brought a Netgear Wireless Gaming Adapter, and it seems to work fine, thanks!
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