.wav files being converted to .dat

I'm working on setting up a unified messaging solution and one piece is having voice mail files sent to users e-mail as .wav files.  When this happens I am getting the files as .dat files instead of .wav files and they are unreadable.  I have tested by sending the .wav files to gmail without any problems.

Can someone tell me what the issue is?

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well first u have to figure out if this is outlook  problem or Exchange problem(since it is happening to all clients then it is most likely an exchange problem)....
but to make sure in one outlook client create a new INTERNET profile and test a message with .WAV file and see if that will work..
if it does not then u must take look at ur unified messaging solution
(this problem is suppose to be the other way around where outllook sends out email in richtext format and other email clients cant understant the format thus creating a .DAT file for the attachments...the solution in this case is to send the message in plaintext)
if it did work with INTERNET setup(bypassing exchange)
then go to ESM right click internet message format and make sure
.WAV extention is allowed
also go to ur mailbox store properties page and make sure
"Clients support S/MIME signuture" is set
pizensonAuthor Commented:
I checked what you suggested and all appears fine.  There is something strange going on.  I can get a .wav file from 1 VoIP provider just fine direct to me, but when my new provider sends direct to me it comes in as a .dat file.  The other odd thing is that when I send the .wav files directly to my gmail account that works fine.  

Any thoughts?  This is strange.
well since u receive one .wav file from a certain user(or provider)fine and the same file from another user(or provider) in a .dat format then one can assume(i know ) that the format used to send the second email cant be understood by ur email client....so u have some detective work to do....call the second provider (or user)and asked them if they could tell u the format they used to send u the email or if they could tell u if someone else has call them with the same problem....i dont think they will tell u outlook is the problem
since u can receive a wav file from another provider...

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