Dear Sir,

We are having E-Mail server which is very much business critical . E-Mail Server has Window-2000 OS . During the night hours there is no person to look after the smooth operation of Server . Some time due to UPS power failure or any other reason our Server get re-booted and in such situation E-Mail operation are hold unless the smooth working of Server is restored by the person .

Sir , I desire that whenever Server (E-Mail operation) become non operational then immediately I should get an SMS alert automatically . Kindly guide me how to go for such a solution please .

B V Mittal
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Well, first of all, hi :)

You need an sms gateway if you want your machines to directly send you
sms messages every time the crash happens, but the cheaper way is to
sign up for some service (on certain Internet Service Providers) that will
send you the sms alert when you get a certain email in your mailbox.

So, when you sign up for such service, all you need to do is to configure
that mailbox in order for sms messages to be sent only when there is an
incoming email from special address, or special subject, or special body of
the email, etc. This way you will make sure no sms messages are sent to
you when you get some other emails or spam in that mailbox, because
all those ISPs are usually charging per sms sent.

Also, you should set up some client machine in your LAN environment, that
can ping your critical server or can connect to it every 5-10 minutes to
make sure it works ok. As soon as server stops responding, client machine
should send email to your signed up service' mailbox, and you'll receive the
sms notification about that.

That's how it is implemented here in some companies I was working with.

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i asked myselft the same question and i could not find any answer however i started using the services from this company to filter spam and part of the service an email is sent to my alternate email address which is my t-mobile sidekick which tells me that emails whill be spool because there was not comunication with the server. thats my hit that there is something wrong with my server. most of the times is network outage but i had some power failures as well.
I don't know, maybe it is better to keep it that way, as simple as possible, because you
will have expences with the sms gateway, and it can happen that email server is working
great after some time..

Anyway which email server are you using? maybe something can be done to improve its
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We use hearbeat software on our servers that if the server goes down it sends us messages! the heartbeat sends a signal every 15 minutes to the clients and back to the server if the signal does not return the server sends IT a message that it has recieved no signal, the servers are set to auto reboot and if sucessfull the heartbeat starts again, if not it will keep sending us messages untill action is taken...

Sorry that i cannot fill you in on more details but confidentiality wont allow!
"My Server Observer has the following features:
Custom Executable Alerts.  Create custom alerts using an external executable, for example SMS, YAC etc."

this one sounds good, but it still needs an additional executable that will send an sms.. :-S
Personally, I think it's not that hard to write that client application yourself, after all it's just a ping, or a simple tcp connect, and nothing more..
Can your server be reached from the outside world / Internet ? Is it pingable ?
We had such a situation and ended up monitoring our server with an external service, as that machine would freeze (Spam issues) and even our SMS-sending scripts hosted on it could not be triggered...
The one we chose was as they were cheap and seemed reliable (tests from many locations), they send free emails or SMS if you buy credits, but there are other services to choose from if you Google for that (they even carry Adsense ads for competition themselves !).
Hope this helps.
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