How to use SQL Server with multiple PCs?


I have a project to do with VB.NET and SQL Server and i have a question.
The program will work on 5 PCs (5 Licenceses) and will connect to a server. The SQL Server is installed on that Server.

My question is:
How do i make the program installed on the 5 PCs connect to the SQL Server Database -which is installed on the server- to make the employees work on the program in the same time?

It is a simple question but unfortunately i don't know how. I made tenth of programs that work on server with multiple users but i was using Access.

Any help will be appreciated.
Please send your answer with VB.Net code if there is any.
If anyone knows a website that discusses this issue please send the URL of that site.

Thank you in advance
Best regards
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Hi ahmedsaid50,

There is no magic trick here (unless I don't really understand what you are asking for).

Your connection string will specify the server name and you will be connected to the database server.

For Connection Strings samples, see

Or there is for examples to all sort of databases

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If you mean that the program is to be developed by 5 developers on 5 different machines:
You need not have 5 licenses. MS provides SQL Server developer edition for free. You just install this edition on the development machine. You need to have a Std Edition or Enterprise Edition to perform deployment. So you to buy a single processor license for SQL Server Std or Enterprise. All that the developers will have to do is have a Connection String, as mentioned above in their configuration files.
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
ahmedsaid50, still around?
ahmedsaid50Author Commented:

First Sorry for the delay but i was giving some time for more experts to participate and send their reply.

Second i want to thank all who send their replies and URLs to help me solve the problem. Really i didn't realize that it is so simple lie that and that i did it many times before but with MS Access.

Thank you and Best Regards

ahmedsaid50Author Commented:
sorry there is a typo in my comment
it is in "simple lie"
the correct work is "It is so simple like"
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