Subreport - Datasource

Hi Experts,
The below code is on BO support site. It sets datasource of a subreport to an mdb file. How can I change it to read from SQL 2000?

Public Sub AddSubreportDatabase()
        Dim crDBTables As CRAXDRT.DatabaseTables
        Dim sDatabasePath As String
        Dim sTableName As String
        Set crDBTables = rptSubReport.Database.Tables
        sDatabasePath = App.Path & "\Company.mdb"
        sTableName = "Orders"
        crDBTables.Add sDatabasePath, sTableName
        With rptSubReport.Sections
        .Item("RHa").Suppress = True
        .Item("RHb").Suppress = True
        .Item("RFa").Suppress = True
        .Item("RFb").Suppress = True
        End With
End Sub
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crTable.SetLogOnInfo "Server2", "master", "admin ", "admin"
crTable.Location = "master.dbo.authors2"


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feesuAuthor Commented:
Hi EwaldL,
The code you sent is for an existing report, that already has a table. In my case i need to add a new table. Then set its location. And it still gives an error.

        Set crDBTables = rptSubReport.Database.Tables
        sDatabasePath = App.Path & "\Company.mdb"
        sTableName = "qr_client_products_test"
        crDBTables.Add sDatabasePath, sTableName
        crDBTables.Item(1).SetLogOnInfo "SRV", "Gl", "sa", "sa"
        crDBTables.Item(1).Location = "Gl.dbo.products"

It doesn't stop on any of the lines, but finally instead of showing the report in the viewer, it says "file not found"
Just help me understand please. If you are creating the report from scratch, by bother changing the datasource? Can you now just create it from scratch connecting to the datasource you want to use at the time right away?

This explains how to create an sql server report from scratch using a native connection

Native is not supported anymore in Crsytal xi, not sure which version you have. If you need to change it to OLE DB, then the ODBC name in code needs to be replaced with the SQL SErver instance name and the dll name that needs to be coded hsould be crdb_oledb.dll
feesuAuthor Commented:
You're right. Thanks alot.
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