ACPI Bios Error

Hi experts,
I worked with my computer for two years,
But yesterday  I see this error on booting in blue window:
The ACPI bios in this system is not fully compliant with the
Acpi specifications.

The Bios in this system is not fully ACPI compliant , please
contact your system vendor on visit htt:// for an updated bios , if you ara unable to  obtain
an updated bios , your vendor is not acpi compliant ,you can
turn off acpi mode during text mode setup to do this , simply
press F7 key when you are promted to was proceed ,..”

How do you solve this problem?

my system components:
HDD:20GB quantum fireball.
MB: Asus P3BF.
Cpu: 500 intel Celeron.

System os :
Win 2K advanced Server.

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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Simple get the latest BIOS and update it

or check the asus site

Disable ACPI features in the BIOS may be listed as power managment

shirinAuthor Commented:
why i dont see this error last days?
shirinAuthor Commented:
one hint,
3 days ago i installed a new 80 GB hard disk driver,
is this device provide problem for my system?
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shirinAuthor Commented:
I updated its bios but stop at first step.
system  stop at green state of moitor.
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Did the error start after you installed the new drive, try taking it out and see if the error still happens.

If you can't update your BIOS go into it and disable ACPI.  I can't tell you where that is because every BIOS is different.
From what I've seen, error occurs when ACPI is either not supported by BIOS or disabled.  I recently replaced two mobos in older PII systems used for basic internet training and received the same error when drives were imaged from master CD.  Fix was to flash BIOS to version that had ACPI support.  OS was W2K Pro.

What's a mystery here is why error appeared after OS was installed and operable.  Only thing that comes to mind is that BIOS settings were changed.
shirinAuthor Commented:
>>Did the error start after you installed the new drive.
No, after  two days from installing this error was raised.
can you tell me what is the role of acpi  ?
shirinAuthor Commented:
I need your help.
my project is remain and deadline was near.
shirinAuthor Commented:
in safe mode I see that when system come to
"AGP440.Sys" line
that error was raised.
do you think my AGP Socket have Some problems?
AGP440.SYS is normally last line displayed when starting in safe mode.  It does not indicate an AGP or video error.

Have you checked BIOS setup to see if ACPI support was disabled?
shirinAuthor Commented:
I dont find ACPI option in my bios setup.
shirinAuthor Commented:
sometimes system Restart at agp440.sys
before raising this error.
shirinAuthor Commented:
I can solve my problem.
this problem not related To acpi utility.
I clean rub from my some ices.
and a metal(Drug place) exist near VGA location.
I remove it and clean some ic es.

and system work properly.
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