Cluster and virtual

I have WXP installed on my pc
I have downloaded to my pc virtual server trial and virtual pc trial, in order to simulate a clustering environment.

for the virtual pc I can add computers to the console, but when I hit start it opens a blck window like command line window and it says
"insert and select proper boot device. or insert boot media in selected boot device"

as for the virtual server, there is an icon that says "Virtual machine remote control client" when I click on it it gives me a window to enter the path to the virtual machine to manage by using the following format .

is there any help to get my cluster environment set up?
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You need to "install" and operating system on your virtual machines.
Just pop a Windows install CD and the reboot the virtual machine.

For virtual server, you need to start the local service and then connect to your local system.  For starters I recommend you stick with virtual pc until you get used to the whole idea of virtual machines.

You'll have to read the licensing agreements of the OS you are going to use on the virtual machine to make sure you aren't in violation.

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jskfanAuthor Commented:
<<<<You need to "install" and operating system on your virtual machines.
Just pop a Windows install CD and the reboot the virtual machine>>>

can I make a cluster by usind w2000 server cd on each machine?

my goal is to create a cluster

Maybe, I know you can do it with 2k3 and virtual server 2005 because you need shared storage.

You should be able to do it with virtual pc using iscsi.

Google("Virtual PC" cluster iSCSI) turned up this
Depending on your goals this may be useful also

You can create a single node cluster for test purposes using the "-localquorum" switch.;EN-US;Q245626
jskfanAuthor Commented:
I am installed w2000 advanced server in both virtual nodes. I have installed w2000 advanced server in the first node succefully.

do you think If I install w2000 advanced server in both nodes I will be able to simulate the cluster environment?

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