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In Access 2003, which is better, Marcos or procedures? DTS?

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-17
I have an Access 2003 database that each day creates links to four other databases, several tabbles in each, updates data and then closes the links.  However, I am crashing often and it will not let me open the module with the code for the procedure.  Someone told me that the space Access 2003 uses to process is not enough, and I received an Online Crash Analsyis from Microsoft that indicated I some patch was needed.  Problem is that I work for a large corporation and all updates are centralized and they will not do it just for me.

So, which is better?  A macro that calls a series of queries or a procedure that calls a series of queries.  What I have right now is everything in modules, Dims, SLQ statements, do commands, linking, deleting objects, etc.  I did it this way beause there are several users who like to "play" and I have had queries changed.  I cannot input passwords since using code to create links assumes no passwords and I do not know how to get around this.  

Also, I was thinking of use DTS that processes outside of Access.  I really am looking for some opinions as this whole process is due soon and I am stymied as to which direction.  I do not know enought about DTS, but if this is the best solution, I can sure learn it fast.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Sandra SmithRetired


The data is stored on a desk-top application, I did not get a server (boy, I tried).  So, I have five desk-top applications:

Sandra SmithRetired


There are two off-shore satellite database that have data brought in every monring into a production database.  The data is processed and then completed items are archived off to two "reporting" databases.  I think short-term will be to move the SQL queries defined in the procedures into regualr queies and have a marco process in sequence.  There are a lot of actions/datamovement/updates/delets that take place so I am not sure how much I will be gaining.  

DTS so far looks the way to go, but I know nothing about it yet, so, macro? or have a procedure just call all the queries?  

Sandra SmithRetired


they are mdb databases

Well you could use MSDE which is microsoft free server that is optimised for 5 people and the access databases could link to it (it can be used for more people)

that would help make your life easier
Sandra SmithRetired


That I will investigate, I did not even think of it.  I am madly tring to figure out DTS, but the MSDE may be an alternative.  Thank you for that suggestion.
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