What port is used?

when i watch a avi throgh SMB, which port is used to stream the video/audio?

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
It's not streaming, it's simply playing the file over SMB networking, which uses ports 137-139.
sakuya_suAuthor Commented:
so it does not use port 445?

also, i did a trace with Etherreal and it appears it use both 445(SMB port) and 36631(where the video data is coming from)

it like this:
SMB - next packat length
SMB - Ack
TCP(36631) data
TCP(36631) Confirm
--------Repeat pattern---------

what i really want to know is when i watch a video from a Pocket PC does it also use port 445 and 36631?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If you're just reading it off a standard network drive it's just reading the data through SMB.  If you are using another protocol, things might be different.
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sakuya_suAuthor Commented:
its will be the Betaplayer (now know as TCPMP player), watching a avi file
137,139,445 via SMB/NetBIOS.  

If your streaming video then the port depends on the streaming server application. How is the pocket PC connected to the server?

sakuya_suAuthor Commented:
What player are you using on the Pocket PC? And what path/URL aer you using to connect the the stream?

sakuya_suAuthor Commented:
betaplayer, path is \\server\d\movie.avi
Then it's only using 137,139 and 445.

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sakuya_suAuthor Commented:
but when i do play the file, data are coming fRom 36631 with only acknowledgment packaes from 445?

i think i'll check again
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