Metasploit tutorial

i m a student of an eminent technical institue and i m interested in penetration testing project metasploit(
I have prilimenary knowledge but i want to make most out of it. I need a DETAILED tutorial i.e. what are payloads exactly mean,how to select the best one for a given exploit, on which port of remote machine we can run a given exploit  and other stuff. I searched on google and on but they give only brief overview assuming some backgruond knowledge.

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Hi, have you looked at 3 part tutorial at securityfocus?
IMO they are pretty good.
namo21Author Commented:
i have read them. they explain general procedure not how one can decide best payload for the exploit and what does this payload mean and how it plays its role in the process, these issues are not addressed well. they just say to choose a particular without expaining why.
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Seems like your question is related more to art/science/whatever of vulnerabilities research and their exploitation than it is to Metasploit project. And yes indeed, Metasploit is just a tool trying to make working with exploits easier; so most, if not all, tutorials about Metasploit are just
user manuals that won't give you much if you don't have fundamental knowledge what the exploits are.

This subject invites a much more extensive treatment than
an internet-few-outdated-pages-tutorial-like format can provide.
e.g. Syngress have few books on the subject:
"Sockets, Shellcode, Porting, and Coding : Reverse Engineering Exploits and Tool Coding for Security Professionals" (Paperback)
by James C. Foster, Stuart McClure

"Shellcoder's Programming Uncovered" ,"Buffer Overflow Attacks : Detect, Exploit, Prevent" ... etc ..

(eventhough some of them may be more of fiction book than
anything practical, but..)

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Tim HolmanCommented:
Metasploit won't give you this sort of information.  Something like Canvas would though (although is $ware).
> ..  need a DETAILED tutorial i.e. what are payloads exactly mean,how to select the best one for a given exploit
.. and we need DETAILED description which payload of which exploit for which target you mean, and how you access this target and how it is protected, and how much noice you want to be "seen", and .. and .. and ..
Hope this explains tim_holman's last comment.
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