How do you consider yourself suitable for this position?

How do you consider yourself suitable for this position?
how can i give a good answer to this qustion?
i am a analyst programmer having 7 years of experiance in MS technologies
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How about
"i am a analyst programmer having 7 years of experiance in MS technologies"
MS Technologies is a huge topic. Specify the technologies you worked with. Also, that question really is "Why should I hire you?".

The best thing you can do is forging a not-so-long and not-so-short answer. If you make a long answer without any points, you sound like you are lying. If you make a short one, the "analyst" part falls in a crack. Also, include FACTS. Something like "I've raised productivity by 50% by implementing X technology" will give you far better chances of getting the job than "I'm good with computers".

A sample answer:
"I have 7 years of experience in MS Technologies, specially with [fill with the ones you are most experienced with] MSC and working with COM. I believe one of the best things I achieved was implementing [some random technology], which raised productivity by 50% [or whatever] at X company. Taking into account that I'm an analyst programmer, both my experience and knowledge of MS technologies will help improve the company's implementations of new technologies and reducing costs by doing so."

Modify it to fit your needs. Good luck with the interview.

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x1877Author Commented:

i would like to move this qustion to top level Miscellaneous and i wanted to post there only , i posted here by mistake, can u do it for me?


The problem with moving it now is that it will be at the end of the queue and noone will see it.
So why don't you close this one and reask it?

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