<a href='file:///C:/Windows/Notepad.exe'>Notepad</a> make a problem in Delphi.NET

I asked a question 2 days ago and I've disappeared (sorry). I need to run an exe file from my Delphi.net application (running on the server)
My .exe file is in my computer. One of solutions was to make a like to the application, I don't understand how may I to run this file in my computer.
I'm trying to do this: <a href='file:///C:/Windows/Notepad.exe'>Notepad</a> But nothing happend.
It's seems to me that it's trying to connect the file on the server.

Please help
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I don't know how things go in delphi.net, but one thing is for sure in the rest of teh cases: you cannot run a program on a server directly (maybe delphi webservices lets you do that, I don't know).
So one way to go is write a dll or something so that the server will execute that for you.

So, are you running a delphi webservice app or not? If so, you can extend your webservice to execute a program at request (click on a button for example) using plain old simple winapi (createprocess or shellexecute)

ShalemCenterAuthor Commented:
As I understood createprocess or shellexecute couldn't run on web server application.
I see. well I never worked with web services from delphi; now that you said that I did some searching and it seems so.

I am now thinking that one way of getting around this issue is to have a service application running that is independent of the webservice. that way it will have it's own memory space and rights and hence it will be able to lunch an executable ;)
next thing is to implement some way of communicating between the web service app and the windows service one. Best thing from compatibility point of view might be to use sockets and maybe even use some high layer like http.

it will work, but you will have to do some extra coding (the window service) which shouldn't take more than a few hours to complete though.
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ShalemCenterAuthor Commented:
Thank you. I'll try
you can't do that, you're asking for a big security hole

if you could do that, you could do something like:

<a href='file:///format c:'>Notepad</a>
if done directly, yes. (workaround) but a simple check can be implemented to only execute specific applications from a list. and you put only the applications you want there.
ShalemCenterAuthor Commented:
Thanks everybody. I found the solution. I opened the New key in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT on the Registry of the client.
Then my code looks like this <a href="Notepad:">Notepad</a>

Thanks again :)
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"if done directly, yes. (workaround) but a simple check can be implemented to only execute specific applications from a list. and you put only the applications you want there. "

not so simple... a file (virus, trojan, etc) can be renamed to one of the allowed applications, done... you're in trouble again
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