Dual Channel Architecture

A bit confused with dual channelling. If a memory stick works with dual channel, is it necessary that it supports it, or not? Like when I make enquiries and see that something is said that it "works with dual channelling" - does it mean it's ONLY compatible with this or it also means it supports and uses this techinique? Also, is it only a motherboard feature or memory stick feature, in other words, if I have a motherboard that supports dual channelling, and I got two memory sticks with the same specs, will they necessarely provide me with dual channelling?

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Dual channel is a MOTHERBOARD (well actually it's a motherboard CHIPSET) feature and not a memory feature.  There is nothing different about the memory itself between dual-channel and not.

Dual channel simply means that the system divides the RAM into two banks and alternates access between them.  That allows increased performance since there can be two independent memory operations in progress at the same time.  By the way, dual-channel is not the only possible scenario, some ultra-high performance system use 4 or even 8 channel RAM but these are found in enterprise-class server system and other specialized applications.

To use dual-channel, you must have memory devices in each channel of the motherboard and you must enable it in the BIOS.

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YurichAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot, it clears things out.
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