new hardware= crashes & freezes in all games


just upgraded my pc yesterday with a new motherboard, new processor and new graphics card.

motherboard is the ASrock 939dual-sata2
processor is the athlon 64 3800+ x2 dual processor
graphics card is ati gecube x800gto pci-e

im getting crashes in a couple of different ways in almost all of my games:
1) screen freezes, loud buzzing sound, only switching off the pc can reset this
2) a messgae appears on monitior saying no signal then a ATI reporting message appears saying the vga card has stopped responding to the graphic accelarator driver- game then resumes

these crashes are happening on everquest 2 & dungeons and dragons online beta

things i have tried :

1)reinstalling driver for graphics card, installing the latest up to date driver, reverting back to the cd driver that was shipped with the game
2)making sure cable to monitor and graphics card is really secure
3)searched for a monitor driver

not sure whether this is graphics related or???

additonal info that may be relevant:
PSU is 500w jeantech
cpu temp is reported at 45c in bios

not sure what else to do apart from slip my reliable nvidia 6600gt back in

any help would be appreciated
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The poroblem may e from hardware compatabilty , also Chip of Gecube  contain some errors ,,i had ATI 9800XT Gecube and i exchanged it by Gigabite Chip
As you've changed a few components - I'd swap your 6600GT back in just to make sure the problem is in fact the graphics card, although it does sound like it. If it is the graphics card and you've tried updating the drivers, I'd see if you can get it exchanged.

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did you use your old disk with the OS on it ? if so look here for how to do it :      move XP to other mobo;nl;314070                       "     "     "    "      "   
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:
i reformatted my old disk and did a fresh install of the OS on it
and did you install all the drivers ?
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:
yes, for the motherboard ,the graphics card and direct x
 when it happened with the drivers on the cd, i uninstalled these and got updated ones from the net, no new motherboard drivers available, i have the latest
do you have new ram too ? test it with memtest86+ from :      
You might want to check this link out for more info and troubleshooting
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:
no, same ram which has always worked ok, tried it in both DDR slots, no change
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:

am currently trying the omega drivers, will report back
Have you tried running direct X diagnostics? If not click start, run, type in "dxdiag" Under the display tab check that the Direct x features are all enabled and run the tests for direct draw and direct 3d
did you check for errors in the event log?
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:
will try direct x check & check event log, still crashing with omega drivers so am putting old nvidia card (6600gt) to clarify that it is the radeon graphic card at fault
one question why? why asrock? Did you check the newer bios? whats the whole name of board
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:
Asrock 939 DUAL-SATA2 (939) ULIM1695 Dual core +8x AGP PCI-E SATA2 RAID +LAN
+USB2.0 +8 ch. Audio ATX is the full name, i chose it due to reading good reviews on it and the fact that it has both AGP and PCI-E slots. i wasnt expecting to buy a new gfx card so soon and so needed one with an AGP slot to carry on my using my all card , because it also has a PCI-E slot i knew when i was rdy to purchase a new gfx card i could make the upgarde to PCI-E

i have put the old 6600gt back in and all seems quiet (no crashes)
maybe its just incompatible with my games but as a keen gamer i tihnk il stick nvidia with whom i have never had any issues. think ill sell the radeon on ebay (sigh)

any more thoughts please feel free to post, ill close this topic in the morning (its 18.41pm GMT here in the UK)
Can't you take the card back to where you bought it and get it exchanged? It sounds to me like it's faulty.
I had also ATI card, and ATI have all kinds of problems. I can say it is definitely ATI card that causes problems for you. The best way is to return it and get your money back, because they have overheating problems with they VPU.
You can try to swap to 4x AGP, disable fast writing, and go to older more stable drivers, but it will give you problems again.
So stick to your Nvidia and get your money back for ATI card.
That is the best advice from a dude who had the same problem.
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:
"You can try to swap to 4x AGP, disable fast writing, and go to older more stable drivers, but it will give you problems again."

checked my gaming forums for everquest 2 and World of warcraft and both thesehave known issues with ATI vpu errors. Their suggestion is to go back to older (5.2) drivers as this guy suggested but whats the point in that? so i can never update my drivers??
 nah, i should have stuck with nvidia and have learnt a lesson, cant return card as its not faulty, technically, so its already on ebay, and so is my bid on a shiny new 6800gs ultra.

thanks all
stephenbyrne212Author Commented:

now have a xfx geforce 6800gs xXx edition and absolutely no problems, nvidia for the win ;)
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