Dell Dimension 8250 running SLOW

Hi Experts,

Got my hands on a Dell 8250 which has not been switched on in approx 18 months. Ran it up but noticed it was real slow. Reinstalled XP using recovery disk supplied with the same result, slow system/sluggish response from mouse and windows. Tried a new hard disk and the same thing happens, really slow system response... took 4 hours to install XP on the new HDD...
Several "INF Install Failure - The handle is invalid" during install...

Another problem, probably not related(?) is that when I do a restart, it powers down OK, but the BIOS won't re-initialise... the RTC shows the correct date & time so probably not the battery?

System spec:

Pentium 4 2.6Ghz
80Gb HDD (New IBM Deskstar)
20Gb HDD (Original IBM Deskstar)

Any pointers for me?

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try some diagnostics:
CPU - Prime95

make sure you have the motherboard drivers installed as well as all updated device drivers (from the manufacturer)
a couple more good programs
Everest -
SiSoft Sandra -
might help you--general system info and benchmarking

dell also should have a diagnostic program for the system.

reset the bios defaults and see if the system is still slow.
Dell does have a diagnostic for the system, you can run it by booting to your "dell dimension resource CD" or by downloading "dell 32 bit diagnostics" from
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seen this before, go into your bios and check your cpu make sure its not in compatibility mode, that turns qall the multipliers in the cpu making it very slow

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toner, that's why I suggested resetting bios defaults....but I wasn't sure if the 8250 had the option for compatibility mode =)
andy_bjtsAuthor Commented:
Hi Experts,

Thanks for all your input, much appreciated.

tfjeff, The Dimension 8250 does not seem to have an option for "reset BIOS to defaults". Hunted through it back & forward a few times with no results ... must be a jumper on the mboard somewhere...

jamietoner, Changed the CPU setting, and hey-presto, working like a 2.6GHz should work!

Thanks again
reset bios defaults is f9 =)
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