Want to swap pst files between computers.

This is more than the stem reflects.  I have a cleint who has been swapping pst files between his home office and office computers for some time running Office 2003.  He copies the pst file from one to a memory stick and then copies it to the other computer at the other location and back again.  All has been runing well.  He purchased a new computer and we installed Office from the same copiy that was on the old computer as it is going away.  When I copied the the pst file on the new computer I got a message telling me it it was the wrong version of the folders. I thought the file may be corrupt but after a couple of tries with new copies I had the same problems.  Okay so I deleted the pst file completely hoping Outlook would rebuild and I could try importing it.  Of course Outlook doesn't rebuild the pst I found out.    Next I uninstalled Outlook in hopes when it was reinstalled it would create a new pst.  That doesn't work.
So here is where I stand.  Outlook 2003 installed on a XP Pro PC at home office with no pst file.  Want to get pst back and be able to swap pst files with computer in the office running XP Home and same copy of Office 2003.
Thanks experts for all you do for all of us who are bald from pulling hair out.
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Hello mabarnes11,

first what is the message you get on the home office when opening outlook?
if there is no pst you shouldn't be able to open it, if you can then read on, else comment what happens

next if outlook is running again on the new pc with an empty pst
- run any updates that might not yet be installed on the new pc and are already installed on the old one
- then open outlook on the home pc, through the file menu open the secndary pst file from the work pc
- if this works you can drag and drop all folders to the new pst file
- when done close the old pst and close outlook
- open again and now you should have the same folders as on the work pc

- next would be to copy this pst and open it on the work pc, always make copies before replacing things like a pst (they contain important stuff :))

hope this helps a bit
mabarnes11Author Commented:
The message is there is no pst availble would I like to open the file folders.

The pst is now gone as I copied the old over the new and then deleted the old due to the new not being able to open it due to difference in version of the perosnal folders.

Both systes have been updated.

Copying the folder (documents & settings> user name> local> Applicaitons> Microsoft> Outlook) get me the same erro with reagard to the verions of the personal fiolders.

How do I get Outlook to creat a new PST?
if you open outlook it states something like

The file drive:\path\file name.pst could not be found.

When you click OK in the error message, Outlook 2003 displays the Create/Open Personal Folders File dialog box

if so then try

If you want to open a new .pst file, type a name for the new file in the Create/Open Personal Folders File dialog box, and then click Open.

this will give you anew empty pst folder

source: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;830307&spid=2520&sid=1323
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mabarnes11Author Commented:
I will try that.  makes sense to me.  Now how about an idea to share the pst file please.
you could start at

but i think these will give you a good start

netfolders was retired with outlook xp so if it is mentioned its not available in outlook 2003
mabarnes11Author Commented:
Okay so I got the pst file built and it is empty.  However I could not import the information from the pst file from the office pc.  The message says "The file j:/outlookpstdata/jackofficeoutlook.pst is not compatible with this version of the personal folders information service.  Contact your systems adminsitrator."  The j location is a memory stick.  This is the same message we have seen since the beginning.
Thanks for all you do for all of us.
somehow it looks like a version difference of outlook, which shouldn't be the case reading the comments

what happens if you copy the pst from the stick to the disk at home, be sure that it's notreadonly and try the import again

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mabarnes11Author Commented:
Interesting comment.  The PC came preloaded with the 60 trial version of Office 2003.  I uninstalled it from the control panel prior to installing the 2003 he had on CD which is the same copy used in the office.

Reference the copying of the file to disk, done that with same results.

Interesting you comment on the different version and tied with the preloaded version thought, how can I uninstall Office 2003 to include any and all traces of it in any left over files or registry entires?  Maybe tthat is the way to go. and then reinstall it.
mabarnes11Author Commented:
It was a differernt version.  The client had mixed up CDs and with the holigrams MS is using I did not see the 2002 imprint and never dawned on me as it loaded as we were multitasking.  I went to the link at Miicrosoft you provided and then branched to this link: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/assistance/HA010875321033.aspx and found this statement:

'Try opening the .pst file from the Outlook File menu. If you get the error message "The file <file name> is not compatible with this version of the Personal Folders information service. Contact your administrator." then the .pst file contains Unicode information. Unicode information is supported by Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and later. If you are using an earlier version of Outlook, the file will not be accessible. If you get an error message saying the file is not readable or is corrupted, try using the Outlook Inbox Repair tool.'

That with your comments caused me to look at the help and about and found the culprit.

glad it was something like that, at least its explained now

thanks for the grade :-)
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