C++ to Delphi converter

Hi, i have recently came across some C++ Source code for something useful. problem is i dont know C++ i only know delphi so is there a program ofr something that you give it some C++ source and it converts to delphi?
I would post the source here but it is alot of code.

If there is a program to convert this would help me out ALOT
Thanks :)
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i don't know about such thing, but maybe you consider compile this C++ code to a librarly and use it in your delphi program?

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Look for h2pas.
There are a few tools on this name. At least You've got header files converted
Pierre CorneliusCommented:
Dr. Bob also has a nice header converter over here

Pierre CorneliusCommented:
I don't believe ewilde answered the question. Suggest point split between PierreC and Mokule
> Suggest point split between PierreC and Mokule
Both comments explain a way to convert the header files, not the source. The asker does not know much c++, so that won't help much.

> I don't believe ewilde answered the question.
I think there is no program to convert c++ to delphi. ewilde suggested at least an alternative solution to use the c++ code in delphi.
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