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i have a web based application i wrote to enable sales people to manage their sales and contacts. the client has asked me to create an offline version the sales people can take with them in the car, hotel, etc. when they might not have internet access. i was able to get an "offline" version running on a usb thumb drive complete with apahce, mysql, php, etc. works great.

what im trying to do next is:

-before the salesperson leaves the office, they would visit the website and click on a export.


click on a link on their desktop ... ie: update_db.bat and the script/batch file would connect to export the "sales" table to a .sql or .gz file...when done exporting the script would import said file to localhost and update their local copy of the sales table.

make mysql command line skills are a little rusty and while ive seen a handful of php scripts that will export from i am not sure how i would get the remote script to update my local copy.

any ideas? thanks
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Try using mysqldump, i've done this before but it was awhile ago and i can't remeber the exact syntax of the command.

Try this site
and goto Using mysqldump to copy databases, it quite near the bottom

it has the following line
$ mysqldump -u admin -p --databases vworks | mysql -u backup -p MyPassword -h

OR goto

With the top example i think it copies from local host to a remote server so you'll have to reverse it, i.e. -h needs to go on the other side of the |

Good Luck

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The simplest batch file would be something like this:

mysqldump --host=remote_host --user=remote_user --password=remote_pwd db_name | mysql --user=local_user --password=local_pwd db_name

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