Change CSS to help SEO


Is there any advantage changing your DIV and classes to have names that reflect what you want to be found under for SEO purposes?

For example i sell flowers....

would it be a good idea to change all my css classes to read?

.flower-delivery {font: 12px verdana; border: 1px solid vblack}

etc, etc

so in the HTML it would read something like:

<div class="flower-delivery">some text, blah blah, blah.</div>

that way the spiders would see more keywords when scanning the pages,
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I have wondered the same thing before myself. Currently CSS div names are ignored. In fact, I believe the only way CSS is seen that I know of if it is taking up too much space (you should always use an external CSS file) or if it is used to trick the search engine (for example font-size:1px on an <h1> tag)

Other than that CSS will probably be pretty much ignored for a long time. Spiders simply don't have the ability to sort out that much information as they crawl so many sites.

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if you create all the content you want the spiders to find in some divs near the top of the page. the spiders can find it before seeing other code etc, i tend to keep the copy text and links near the top of the page. and the rest of the code below the important code.

Also having minimal code looks much more neater and tidier. so I use css all the time.

I agree with bob , i tries this technique on a few test domains 8 month ago and the results were very poor based on 3 control domains. While other uses of CSS can definatly improve search ranking all keyword stuffing tactics are doomed to failure.

< begin sermon > Now let's revisit the whole trying to scam the search engines bit, every single time you think to yourself that your tactic will with no work get you get rankings you should stop right away take a cold shower and go play outside for a few hours, beating the search engines worked in 1999 and before these days "tactics" will be short lived and not worth the effort. Build a strong site, build lot's of content, build a reputation for you site and rankings will come you might even notice that their are other sites online that can give you plenty of traffic. <end sermon>

Hope this helps.
naifyboy123Author Commented:
thanks guys
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