php binary file writing with pack() function : need to inverse byte order !

I have an issue writting binary files in php. I need to write the following 4 bytes Hex codes in a file (on intel) : 1000 2E00 0068 7474 703A

I do : pack('H*','10002E0000687474703A') and expect to have same in my binary file doing an hexdump but I get instead 0010 002E 6800 7474 3A70

What can I do to reverse those bytes?
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from doc:
h Hex string, low nibble first
H Hex string, high nibble first

Why will not You try lower H then?
aspegicusAuthor Commented:
Simply because pack('h*','10002E0000687474703A') writes 0001 00e2 8600 4747 a307 not what I need..
I understand. But then, what editor You use. Maybe it's the editor who swaps those bytes(it shows word sequence  instead byte seq)?

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aspegicusAuthor Commented:
Right on! It was hexdump on linux that is displaying the sequence of bytes in reverse order compared to xvi32 under Windows. I'm all set.
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