using a local device for remote winlogin

I have a custom gina that replaces msgina.  It supports a usb fingerprint reader to log in to the windows machine.  How can I redirect this login to look for the reader on my local machine when connecting to that pc through remote desktop?
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IMO that could only work if the same GINA is used on the remote machine and you provide a way to remotely access that reader via a proxy app or service that send the data to the remote GINA. I am not aware that Windows comes with any stadard or prefabricated ways to do that.
dhenderson12Author Commented:
That's what I'm looking for guidance on, how to provide a way to access the local usb device.
Doesn't it come with a driver to read the data? There should be some documented IOCTL code to send to that driver using 'DeviceIoControl()' ( See ("Calling DeviceIoControl") for a sample. Sorry for being so 'general' about this, but I can't see how I could be more specific at the moment.

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BTW, if you are lucky, the device might come with an SDK that 'wraps' this functionality. But, without even knowing what device tht actually is, I can't tell...
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