Tv tuner eats up processing power

I added an ATI wonder tv tuner to my Dell P4 computer.  I also have an ATI usb tv tuner connected to my p4 laptop.  The usb tuner uses
10% of my laptop' processing power.  The ATI Wonder uses 40% of my Dell desktop"s processing power' rendering my Dell
almost useless for other tasks when the tuner is operating.  Why would the tv tuner eat up so much of my Dell's processing
power?  Could there be some sort of conflict with other programs?  Any ideas on how i can remady this situation? Thanks
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1) I would get the latest VGA drivers. and TV Tuner drivers

2) Compare the VGA on the laptop and desktop. The VGA card may do a lot more processing thatn the CPU, and new VGA cards are designed for this.

3) ATI tuner wil lprobably work best with ATI card. does the laptop or desktop use an ATI VGA card ?

I hope this helps !

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