Mail queue is full of mail that needs to be sent and recieved

Hi all,

I have an exchange 2000 server and it has a mail queue full of mail that needs to be sent.

Why is it sitting in the queue?
Why are incoming messages being queued?
How do i stop things sitting in the queue for a long period of time?
If we do not relay why do messages sit in our queue?

Please help


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Just one question before I try, Is it while sending to  some domains or to all the other domains as well.
1)Just check the anti virus installed in your exchange. That might also create a problem.
2)Or do you have an anti spam installed anywhere and your ip mentioned in the global database of spammers like
3)Are you behing a cisco firewall?

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CyberIDentityAuthor Commented:

1, What would i check for? we use groupshield

2, No anti spam software
    1) we did have a product that was using 6 blacklists to check against spam, called Endian firewall. As soon as i removed this from the equation mail from the queue left instantly. I had recently updated the Endain product and until i did it was working perfectly.

3, No

Appreciate your time.


I thibk there you have the Endian. No idea about the product but that might cause a problem. Just in case Just check if you are in any of their blacklists.
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