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I am looking to create a wizard looking form but I think more complicated then your typical wizard. Currently I have 5 panels with diffrent items on each panel. Although the panels that are displayed are not always the same. On the first panel there is a combobox and depending on the index I want specific panels to be displayed. (they will always be displayed in the same order, atleast the visible ones).

So what I am really asking is how to program the next & previous button if the panel to follow is not the same all the time. So for example if the combobox's selected index = 1 then PanelPatient, PanelFire, PanelNarrative, PanelFinal is displayed. Although if the selected index = 2 then PanelPatient, PanelNarrative, and PanelFinal is only displayed.

Panels (In the order they would be displayed):
PanelGeneral (Always the starting panel)

Thanks a lot!
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Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, Digital Design, and Mathematics TeacherCommented:
You could place references to the panels in an ArrayList() or a Queue().

Then hide the current panel and show the next one from the collection structure.

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Gunit2507Author Commented:
Could you show an example of that?
Mike TomlinsonHigh School Computer Science, Computer Applications, Digital Design, and Mathematics TeacherCommented:
I'll get you an example...just haven't gotten there yet!   =)
Gunit2507Author Commented:
i actually figured it out, using an array... so if you want to feel free too, but its not really needed. Thanks thougH!
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