Unable to find users mail file

I've asked this question before and thought I had it fixed but it appears not all of it is working.  

I'm able to create on the local replica no problem but mail files are still not being found

I want to allow the users to copy an appointment document from my database into the users calender.  The user can view the appointment and click on a form action button to add the document to their calender.

It works a lot of the time but other times it is failing.  I'm getting different error messages for different users such as 'Database has not been opened yet', and 'Type mismatch'.  

Any suggestions?  I can paste the full code here if people want it.


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If the location doc is not set up properly, then you will get errors.

I would do a check as part of opening the Mail D, and send any errors to a mail in DB or yourself to help trouble shoot.

You also mighr consider sending out a button to fix the location docs based on the address book settings.

For Local locations, insure that the mail db is indeed where it is listed.

I hope this helps !

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RichardStarkeyAuthor Commented:


Here's what I have at the moment..

currlocation = sess.GetEnvironmentString("Location", True)
currlocationNoteID=Evaluate( { @Left(@Right("} & CurrLocation$ & {"; ","); ",") } )

Dim pnab As New NotesDatabase("", "names.nsf")
Set currlocdoc=pnab.GetDocumentbyID( CurrLocationNoteID(0) )
If currlocdoc.mailtype(0) = "1" Then
      currserver = ""
      currserver = currlocdoc.mailserver(0)
End If
Set maildb = New NotesDatabase(currserver , currlocdoc.mailfile(0) )

It's supposed to check the Notes INI file for the current location document.  It's also supposed to check the server of the mail file and mail file address for that location.

So basically it looks like the location document mail file details are incorrect?  how would you suggest I go about setting up a button to modify the locations document?

Get the info from the NAB and update the Location Doc

There should be some stuff on the LDD sandbox site if you need examples.

ALso there is a better way to determine if the mailfile is local or on a server. I'll dig up code

I hope this helps !
RichardStarkeyAuthor Commented:

It looks like the easiest thing to do is move the mail file.  In R6 the local location of files has changed to include by default the same folder structure as the server.  The location documents are updated with the folder structure as well so it seems the administrator needs to make sur ethe mail file is in the correct place.
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