Printing dated photos

I have a Canon A80 camera that embeds date/time info in the image file. How can I print this date and time info embedded into the photo using Adobe Photoshop 8.0?  If Adobe Photoshop does not do this, is there any reasonable way of doing this?
Thank You Very Much!
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Are you saying there is an associated text file with each image file that contains the date/time info? If so, take this text and copy and paste it into a text box in photoshop, positioning it where you'd like. Other wise, there is no compatibilty between your camera and photoshop. You may want to check into what kinds of software Canon has available that coresponds to your camera. They might be able to do what you want.

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iyanovskAuthor Commented:
Every photo taken with modern digital cameras have the date and time embedded into a photo file.  To view the date and time info in Windows, you could right click on the file and go to Properties.  The question is how to make the PhotoShop embed this information into the photo file before printing or at the time of printing.  Of course, you can write anything you want on the top of the file, but for obvious reasons, it is not a good solution.  For example, imagine doing that for hundreds of files.  Also, in cases where you need to present a dated photo as a proof of something, it would not be a good idea to stamp the date and time information by yourself.  These two cases I’m dealing with.
Yes, you can print photos with date and time info to a printer right from the camera using a special cable, which I don't have.  Neither have I such a printer at my disposal.  I want to find a third party shareware solution of doing this.  I hope either PhotoShop or some third party shareware software does this.

Thank You
Hi, iyanovsk,

It appears, though I've not tested, Irfanview might be able to handle this.  If you don't already have this very useful file utility, you can get it at:

In the program, you can choose File-->Thumbs.  From here, you can print selected images (1 or more).  Then there's a footnote, headnote option where you can enter fixed data OR a code as shown below from the help screen.  There appears to be a code for your needs, so it seems as if one could merely indicate which EXIF data fields to print with each image.  (maybe this help)  

I've pasted the help info below:

    $D        -    file directory/folder (whole path)
    $F        -    file name (with extension)
    $N        -    file name (without extension)
    $O        -    file extension
    $S        -    file size
    $T        -    file date/time
    $U        -    current system date/time
    $X        -    file directory index
    $Z        -    actual zoom size (for fullscreen/slideshow)
    $W        -    image width

    $H        -    image height
    $B        -    image bits per pixel
    $C        -    JPG file comment, if available
    $Ix        -    value of the JPG IPTC tag x, if available (x is a number, see below) (IPTC PlugIn required)
    $Ex        -    value of the JPG EXIF tag x, if available (x is a number, see below) (EXIF PlugIn required)
    |        -    new line

Important/interesting IPTC tags/placeholders, according to IPTC specification:

Placeholder        Tag name/function

    $I5        -     Object Name
    $I7        -     Edit Status
    $I10    -     Priority
    $I15    -     Category
    $I20    -     Supplemental Category
    $I25    -     Keywords
    $I30    -     Release Date
    $I35    -     Release Time
    $I40    -     Special Instructions
    $I45    -     Reference Service
    $I47    -     Reference Date
    $I50    -     Reference Number
    $I55    -     Created Date
    $I60    -     Created Time
    $I65    -     Originating Program
    $I70    -     Program Version

    $I75    -     Object Cycle
    $I80    -     Byline (Author)
    $I85    -     Byline Title
    $I90    -     City
    $I95    -     Province State
    $I100    -     Country Code
    $I101    -     Country
    $I103    -     Original Transmission Reference
    $I105    -     Headline
    $I110    -     Credit
    $I115    -     Source
    $I116    -     Copyright
    $I120    -     Caption
    $I121    -     Local Caption
    $I122    -     Caption Writer

Important/interesting EXIF tags/placeholders, according to EXIF specification:

Placeholder        Tag name/function

    $E270    -     ImageDescription
    $E271    -     Make
    $E272    -     Model
    $E274    -     Orientation
    $E282    -     XResolution
    $E283    -     YResolution
    $E296    -     ResolutionUnit
    $E305    -     Software
    $E306    -     DateTime
    $E318    -    WhitePoint
    $E531    -     YCbCrPositioning
    $E532    -     ReferenceBlackWhite
    $E33434    -     ExposureTime
    $E33437    -     FNumber
    $E34850    -     ExposureProgram
    $E34855    -     ISOSpeedRatings

    $E36864    -     ExifVersion
    $E36867    -     DateTimeOriginal
    $E36868    -     DateTimeDigitized
    $E37121    -     ComponentsConfiguration
    $E37122    -     CompressedBitsPerPixel
    $E37377    -     ShutterSpeedValue
    $E37378    -     ApertureValue
    $E37379    -     BrightnessValue
    $E37380    -     ExposureBiasValue
    $E37381    -     MaxApertureValue
    $E37382    -     SubjectDistance
    $E37383    -     MeteringMode
    $E37384    -     LightSource
    $E37385    -     Flash
    $E37386    -     FocalLength
    $E37510    -     UserComment

    $E40960    -     FlashPixVersion
    $E40961    -     ColorSpace
    $E40962    -     ExifImageWidth
    $E40963    -     ExifImageHeight
    $E41483    -     FlashEnergy
    $E41486    -     FocalPlaneXResolution
    $E41487    -     FocalPlaneYResolution
    $E41488    -     FocalPlaneResolutionUnit
    $E41492    -     SubjectLocation
    $E41493    -     ExposureIndex
    $E41495    -     SensingMethod
    $E41728    -     FileSource
    $E41729    -     SceneType
    $E41985    -     CustomRendered
    $E41986    -     ExposureMode
    $E41987    -     WhiteBalance

    $E41988    -     DigitalZoomRatio
    $E41989    -     FocalLengthIn35mmFilm
    $E41990    -     SceneCaptureType
    $E41991    -     GainControl
    $E41992    -     Contrast
    $E41993    -     Saturation
    $E41994    -     Sharpness
    $E41995    -     DeviceSettingDescription
    $E41996    -     SubjectDistanceRange

Note: you can also use special EXIF tags from vendor specifications (Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Casio, Olympus).

Here is the list of tags for Nikon cameras (many models):

    Placeholder        Tag name/function

    $E1        -    Data Version
    $E2        -    ISO Setting
    $E3        -    Color Mode
    $E4        -    Image Quality
    $E5        -    White Balance
    $E6        -    Image Sharpening
    $E7        -    Focus Mode
    $E8        -    Flash Setting
    $E9        -    Flash Mode
    $E11    -    White Balance Adjustment
    $E14    -    Exposure Adjustment
    $E15    -    ISO Selection
    $E18    -    Flash Compensation
    $E19    -    ISO 2
    $E128    -    Image Adjustment
    $E129    -    Tone Compensation
    $E130    -    Auxiliary Lens
    $E131    -    Lens Type

    $E132    -    Lens
    $E133    -    Manual Focus Distance
    $E134    -    Digital Zoom
    $E135    -    Flash Used
    $E136    -    AF Focus Position
    $E137    -    Bracketing
    $E141    -    Color Mode
    $E144    -    Light Type
    $E146    -    Hue Adjustment
    $E148    -    Saturation Adjustment
    $E149    -    Noise Reduction

Here is the list of tags for Canon cameras (many models):

    Placeholder        Tag name/function
    $E1        -    Macro mode
    $E2        -    Self timer
    $E3        -    Quality

   $E4        -    Flash mode
    $E5       -    Sequence mode
    $E7       -    Focus mode
    $E10    -    Image size
    $E11    -    Easy shooting mode
    $E12    -    Digital zoom
    $E13    -    Contrast
    $E14    -    Saturation
    $E15    -    Sharpness
    $E16    -    ISO Value
    $E17    -    Metering mode
    $E18    -    Focus type
    $E19    -    AF point selected
    $E20    -    Exposure mode
    $E25    -    Focal length
    $E28    -    Flash activity
    $E29    -    Flash details
    $E32    -    Focus mode 2
    $E40    -    White Balance
    $E41    -    Sequence number

    $E42    -    AF point used
    $E43    -    Flash bias
    $E44    -    Subject Distance
    $E60    -    Image Type
    $E70    -    Firmware Version
    $E80    -    Image Number
    $E90    -    Owner Name
    $E120  -    Camera Serial Number


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iyanovskAuthor Commented:
Thank You.  That was the closest I was looking for.
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