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I need some help with DB2 database. I am new to DB2 and would like to perform a backup of log files. I right-clicked on a specific database and selected "Configure Parameters" and under "LOGS"  there is an option "LOGARCHMETH1" and its value can be changed. Could somebody help me understand the meaning of these values and its purpose:

1. Userexit
2. Logretain
3. Disk
4. TSM
5. Vendor

In DB2, how many important/critical log files are generated during transactions and what are the names of these log files?

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You cannot backup the log files by themselves. In DB2, there are two types of backups, offline and online. Offline means that in order for the database backup to be taken, no users can be connected to the database, therefore all transactions are committed and the offline log files are not needed. Once the offline database backup is started, no users can connect to the database. When the offline database backup is restored, a new set of log lfiles is built upon first connection to the database, the number and size of the logfiles is determined by the database configuration parameters LOGFILSIZ AND LOGPRIMARY. The entire database configuration is also part of the database backup.
For an online database backup, users can still work while the backup is being taken. Hence the log files are needed. But they are not backup up, they are archived. To acheive on line backup, set the parameter LOGARCHMETH1 to userexit. When you do this, the log archiving is controlled by the db2uext2.ctsm program, and in this program you can set all the parameters simply by changing the program. See this link:
When you change to userexit, logretain should switch to yes.
TSM means Tivoli Storage Manager and is alternate way to manage to database backup, tablespace backup and restore operations. If you dont use the product, you dont have to do anything with these parameters. For the disk and vendor settings, could you post which parameters these settings are referring to?

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