Slow Azureus speed

I'm using Azureus and have an ADSL connection of 1.5Mbps.

I'm currently downloading a file which has 1125 seeds and 4498 peers. The health and NAT is green. I'm puzzled on why my download speed is at a slow rate of 15kB/s?????

My router is an Etec PT3812 and I've done the port forwarding as said by the site below:-

I've disbled Norton and firewalls. Do I need to create a static IP address?
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Hi blah00,

If you have router redirections / open ports for the specif service then i have to redirect that ports to a ip adress. That ip should be a static ip.

blah00Author Commented:
I'm not sure on how to create a static IP. I've tried creating as instructed by, but i have the same DNS number. therefore failed to crete a static IP.
Hi blah00,

I don't know the router menus, but if there are any to configure, is in the LAN settings ....

You have a wireless or wired connection ?

For what ip do you forward the ports ?

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check that there is nothing esle wrong with your ADSL connection at , or other programs using up your bandwidth?  
blah00Author Commented:
I have a wired connection and there is nothing wrong with the ADSL connection.

I have a WAN and LAN IP address - both of which is different. And another 2 IP addresses for something under "Number of ethernet devices connected to the DHCP server: 2"
JoeWeb Application DeveloperCommented:
Maybe this tutorial will help you

If it shows as green in azureus, the connections are fine (meaning you're getting remote connections). No need to mess up the router nat tables more.

For better performance, you should limit your upload speed to around 80% of your upload bandwidth.
You'll have higher download speeds the more you upload.
If you have many torrents downloading at the same time, and have a poor upload, you'll also get slow downloads.

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You don't need a static IP, behind your router, it seems to me you don't have any NAT problems.

Your ISP might be port throttling however.

Try configuring Azureus to use another port... for starters I'd try 1720.

Just get Auto Speed.

I use it on Azureus and these days I can download at 200 kbps off of Bittorrent.
blah00Author Commented:
Carlos: No, i don't have many torrents downloading at the same time. Currently, there's only 1 torrent.

djwf: Tried 1720. No difference. Its still slow.

Caudax:  Auto Speed wouldn't run. It gives and error of "Failed to load Main Class manifest from ..."
it could also be the total number of active connections you're trying to make and number of open connections.  the number of upload slots you have available and also upload slots available for the seeds/leeches you're connecting to.  i would first look at the details pane to check that the peers your connecting to are sending you data you can experiment with the kick/ban to manually kick connections.

I had a problem with download speeds and web browsing while torrents were running.  dropping the total number of outbound connections at a time and also dropping the total number of clients connected to at a time was key to resolving the problem.  you may be trying to do to much at a time.  another thing to keep in mind.  it's not other p2p.  sometimes torrents take time.  set it and forget it type stuff.  again you may be trying to do to much.  what's the swarm speed?  what's the average speed/client in the swarm.  Autospeed is overrated.
Sometimes, for torrents with many seeds and few peers, I get better results limiting my upload to a very low amount (say 2kb).
Odd, could you quote the error in full?

Also, did you install the Auto Speed plugin as listed here?

(Sorry that I didn't link thes previously, I didn't find the pages then.)

Furthermore, there is an article from the official Azureus wiki on increasing download speed here:

For future reference, try consulting the Azureus FAQs (Yes, there are two official FAQs. I am uncertain as to why.), which might help you with most problems when using Azureus:

Also, if you didn't manage to solve the problem (slow download speeds), why did you accept an answer?

Furthermore, what did you set Maximum Upload Connections to? I wouldn't recommend setting it much higher than 7 because the other clients will reciprocate data poorly.

If you have an ADSL connection, you should be capable of downloading at much faster rates.

Ordinarily, the problem could be that you have a bad torrent, but judging from the amount of seeds and peers, this isn't the case.
blah00Author Commented:

No, I didn't install the Auto Speed the last time as it would not open and gave and error of "Failed to load Main Class manifest attribute from *directory* ". But I have now install it with the help of the link you just provided.

I have read the article and both FAQ's on the official Azureus on how to increase download speed and found it not very helpful as I have done everything it told me to and it still did not increase the speed. That is why I decided to post it here.

And lastly, I accpeted the answer as after I stopped messing around with the NAT, modem and stuff, the download speed increased to 140kBps. So I thought it was fair enough to say that in my opinion, at that moment, that was the best answer.


Well if you've managed to resolve the problem of a slow download connection, congratulations. Do you have any idea what the problem was and/or what fixed it?

blah00Author Commented:
No idea what the problem was. I just left Azureus on, went out for an hour or so...came back and it was downoading at a high speed.
If you don't have your windows XP "patched", you'll have that 10 "unconnected" connections limit. That would explain why it takes a few minutes for azureus to properly connect to "all" the seeds/peers and get into cruise speed.
Like CarlosMMartins says, a lot of people who have been using p2p applications complain of problems.
This is the fix.
Download the file, run it, set the number to 50-100, and then restart your computer.

Download link :

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