Recurring JavaScript functions

I have two Javascript functions.

On is set to repeat every 5 seconds and the other is set to activate on an event (a click on a button).

They both access the same set of variables - one function setting the variables the other one reading them.

How does Javascript react in the rare occasions where my manually activated function takes place at the same time as my recurring one?

Are they run synchronously or are they "stacked" and running one after another?
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Not sure how javascript handles this. However you could have the setEvent call the getEvent immediately to be sure it doesn't get behind?

I think it is implementation based. In IE Javascript is synchronous. So if any call is blocking it won't call another function.

var i = 0;
setInterval("i++;window.status=i", 1000);
setTimeout("alert('Hello');", 3000);
//setTimeout("GetURL();", 3000);

However in FF it seems to be opposite.

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In the click event, cancel the interval at the beginning and restart it at the end.

It should be noted that this (setInterval("i++;window.status=i", 1000);) does not mean that the specified code will execute every 1 second (1000 msec). It means that every 1 sec the specified code will be queued up to be executed. It could be 1012 msec between executions one time, 1000 exactly another, 997 another time, and 1003 msec yet another time. The exact interval will depend on processor utilization/availability.
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