DWHIZRD.exe application error

I get this randomly occuring error on my XP SP2 Professional"

DWHIZRD.exe application error
This instruction at "0x514ac0e6" referenced memory"0x514ac0e6". The memory cannot be "read". I am aboslutley clueless what this is. Clicking OK closes the GUI and I have noticed nothing wrong with the system performance. Any ideas?
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To which program does DWHIZRD.exe belong, because I can't find anything on the net.
Zuhir ElgmatiApplications and Systems AdministratorCommented:
i'm searching for your error  clintonbrigham and found 2 same old Q here in EE ... the answer is same ...this message from norton Antivirus  App try to uninstall and renistall it again


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Configuring Dr. Watson
To start Dr. Watson and set it as default debugger, go to command line, type:

drwtsn32 –I
If you want to change the settings you can run drwtsn32 at command line any time. Default settings is ok. Then if a program crashes, Dr. Watson will write drwtsn32.log and dump memory into user.dmp.

How to read and debug by memory dump file
Get the symbol table or symbol server address. To prepare for debugging the dump file, you should get the Microsoft symbol server address or download the symbols from Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/ddk/debugging/symbolpkg.mspx#Windows%20symbol%20packages)
Download the debugging tools for Windows. Those debugging tools can read the windows memory dump and simulate the original memory environment.
Need to install the support tools from original installation CD. Before using memory dump to debug, we need to check if it is not corrupted by dumpchk.exe, which is in the windows installation CD. Go to command line and input: Dumpchk -a [dump file]
If the memory dump file passes the check, now we can use windbg or kd to debug the memory dump. After the installation is complete, start a command prompt, change to the path where the debugging tools were installed. Use the one of following command to load the dump file into debugger. Windbg.exe is a windows-based debugger, kd.exe is a command line debugger.
windbg -y SymbolPath -i ImagePath -z DumpFilePath
kd -y SymbolPath -i ImagePath -z DumpFilePath
The SymbolPath is the path of symbols, it is either a local path where the symbol files were downloaded, or the server path which is an URL. ImagePath is the path of windows image files, which are contained in the /I386 folder on the WINDOWS. Installation CD-ROM. DumpPath is the path and file name for the dump that you are examining.

your other option is to check control panel adminsitrative tools event viewer applications for any errors

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