History details of a user's login dates and times

Not sure if this is the correct topic for this question - please move if not!

We are running a Windows 2000 Server network and we have many thousand users.  It is a serious breach for someone to reveal their network password to another member of staff.

I have had a query from one user - she asks if we can let her know if someone else was logged in using the same username and password as her on Friday which led to me questions:

1)  Is it possible to get a history login for a particular user - e.g

DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_1 - mikelogin1 logged in at 09:00 10/02/06
DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_1 - mikelogin1 logged in at 12:05 10/02/06
DOMAIN_CONTROLLER_2 - mikelogin1 logged in at 14:30 10/02/06

2)  Is it possible to stop any user from logging into the domain in more than one instance?  It is essential that the Adminsitrators still be able to login multiple instances however.

Thank you!
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Not sure exactly how to do the first one...

For the 2nd question, you will need a tool like Limitlogin or UserLock.

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Check out GFI SELM. It is a pretty inexpensive tool that can be used to monitor the logs on Windows Servers. You can build custom reports that will give you the information that you require.


I hope that it helps
For the first one...you could also use Log Parser...see here for help http://www.logparser.com/

It's not something "easy" to set up, but it does similar to SELM mentioned above.
mcompton69Author Commented:
Fine with me, i haven't managed to explore the demos of the above software enough to know if they answered the question but they both look very detailed.
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