Netowrk Save protection on XP from 98 / ME

On a ew occasions now I have come across a problem saving from 98 or ME to and XP machine where the 98/me machine opens a file, alters it and then when trying to save either over the open file or rename and save on the XP machine the users receives a message saying that Wndows is unable to save the file, the disk may be write protected etc.

Other XP or 2000 PCs do not have this problem and then PC in question has only just developed the problem - I am not aware of any changes to the system but that is not to say the user hasn't altered something.

I have tried lots of different permission combinations etc but still haven't found the solution.

The user can save the file locally and then use explorer to copy to the original location.

In the past we have replaced the operating system with XP and problem is solved but this customer doesn't want to at the moment and needs the system running asap - hence the difficulty rating below

Any ideas please.
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Tell them that windows 98 will self-destruct on 1/3/2006 and urgently needs replacement to avoid hardware damage, additional expense, and employee lawsuits.


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01dslAuthor Commented:
It would be very nice if they would replace all 98 'stuff' (and the dreaded ME), but I suppose they pay by the hour and while things are going wrong I shouldn't complain - but when you want things to run smoothly it's very frustrating.
Absolutely - I just had a win2k sbs to 2k3 migration - then server went smoothly, but the extra work involved with flaky 98 clients cost them an extra 2.5 days in bills - for that they could have bought a good few entry level clients with xp preinstalled !

Some people never learn


for the points - I wasnt expecting any :)
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