External Hard Drive in Hard Drive Enclosure installs on win 98 but doesnt show in My Computer

Hi guys I bought an external hard drive enclosure and put a 80GB drive into it.

I plugged it into my xp machine and it detected andworked fine.

I plugged it into my windows 98 machine but it wont work.  It says the drivers are installing or installed and ive used the driver disk that cam with the enclosure.

But the drive does not show in My Computer.

To get it to work in XP Pro I had to right click my computer and click "manage" and then right click and format the drive as it was a brand new drive.

But how do i do the same equivalent for 98se


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You must make sure the drivers are for Win98.

This will also ensure it is Win98SE compatible.

Did you check the manufacturers websites (enclosure and HDD)?

Also confirm you have installed or reinstall this patch:

USB Devices May Not Work in Windows 98 Second Edition

Good luck,

How is the disk formatted? FAT or NTFS? Windows 98 is unable to access NTFS.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
well in windows XP Pro i went into disk management and set the new drive as a "new volume" and formatted it there

The drive is set to Master and I believe its all set up and formatted corectly, However, its this issue with the drive not displaying itself in My Computer thats causing the problem

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But is it formatted in NTFS or FAT? You can see that in the disk manager

The doubt here is if the removable drive was formatted in NTFS while plugged to the WinXP PC.

If it was, Win98SE won't be able to access it, as it will only understand FAT.

Concluding, it will be unusable in Win98SE.

But the HDD should be seen in Device Manager.

i think it will be in NTFS, since xp will only format 32 GB in FAT32.
To use your disk on both PC's, i would suggest taking all the data off it on the XP PC
Then, connect it to the ide cable of the win98 PC as slave  
use FDISK to erase the partition, make a new one, and format it as a 80 Gb FAT32 drive.
then put it in your enclosure again.
Just to reiterate, even if you wipe the partition(s), recreate it/them, and then format as FAT32, you will most likely still need the right USB Drivers for the drive to be accessed from Windows 98 or 98se.  These should have been supplied on CD with the enclosure, and the drive will probably appear as a removable drive with the letter after your last CD device.  I doubt you will be able to boot from that drive without full support from the BIOS and/or the correct drivers being loaded at startup, so don't install Windows on it and assume that you can use it to boot to and run Windows from.
hoping the win 98 is a desktop, how about hooking up new HD as secondary and have Win98 do the format .

you should be able to see it after that, then put HD back into enclosure and see if XP sees it too.

this will Narrow down if the enclosure drivers are not loading correctly on the win98 box
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
it's  a laptop computer.

I have decided to buy a windows XP home upgrade for windows 98se on the laptop this will sort my problem out then.


i hope the upgrade does the job for you, but i prefer a fresh install if possible.

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Yes, good luck Mat.
As nobus has said, a fresh install is always preferable.

Yes, you CAN perform a fresh install on a drive that has no older and qualifying upgradeable operating system installed, BUT you have to have the full version Windows 98 CD at hand.

See section 4 (b) on this page:

Upgrade versions only:
4b. Insert qualifying media
If you are attempting to clean install with a Windows XP Home or Pro Upgrade CD, you will see this screen, which requires you to insert your previous Windows CD in order to verify that you qualify for the Upgrade version.
Once you've proven that you qualify, hit ENTER to continue.

So, as long as you have a full Win98 CD, and your computer is set to boot to a bootable CD, you can do a fresh install on a formatted drive using an upgrade CD.

I recommend that you run the "Upgrade Advisor" from the XP CD before taking the plunge:
"The Upgrade Advisor is the same tool that is used to scan your system for compatibility issues before you install Windows XP. For that reason, some of the language in the tool may imply that you are actually installing Windows XP".
This will let you know in advance what applications and devices are incompatible.

I also advise you to download Windows XP drivers for your computer hardware and burn them to CD (or place in a neutral non-system folder on the hard drive if you aren't going to format the drive) before upgrading.

If your computer doesn't support booting to CD (unlikely scenario), or you just prefer an upgrade, then I suggest that you should do the following at the very least.

Back Up all essential data to eg. a CD, and test to make sure it is retrievable, then format the drive and reinstall Windows 98 freshly.  Go for the "Custom" install option, and untick as many of the components as is possible.  Remember to reboot after doing this.  The idea is to get Windows 98 as slim as you can, and on a fresh drive without all the old junk that builds up with time.

Now run scandisk and also defrag the drive, and only then install Windows XP Home from the upgrade CD.
Set up your internet connection and run Windows Update.

Set up two users, both for your own use, but make the first one the "technician's" profile with administrative rights.
Create the second one while logged into the "technician" user profile, and make it a limited user.

The idea here is that you go online with limited rights so that viruses and nasties can't overrun your system with full admin rights.  To install software and mess with hardware or software settings, log in as the technician.

While logged in as that, install your applications again.  This time, newer applications may ask you if you would like to create shortcuts to, and provide access to, the program functions "only in that profile" or "for all users".  It gives you more control, and installing them all freshly in Windows XP saves a lot of glitches you can experience if application settings are migrated from Win98 to the WinXP upgrade.

Useful links:

Good luck.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
I have windows 98se currently installed and all I was going to do was put the xp upgrade cd in the drive and upgrade like that.

I do have the windows 98se disk as well although its a toshiba "recovery" cd which I understand still contains win98se files.

I also have another OEM win98se disk I think I could use if the toshiba one does not work....



The Toshiba recovery CD will not work to update/install WinXP, but the Win98SE one will.

Thank you, Mat
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