I really appreciate anyone could help me

Hi all,

I need to prevent some network users from accessing any removable devices from thier workstations e.g ( Floppy disk, CD-drives, USB ports...etc) and allow others to use some or all of such devices. Is there any polices in the DC I can activate to do so?? or any utilities that could help to sort out this issue. How ever, I prefer to this as one-shot over network.

I really appreciate your help.
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There is a Group policy that can block removeable storage devices. Never used it myself, but have been to sites that do. I'll track it down.
No sorry I was wrong. Was a GPO, but a GPO with a couple of reg keys.
Well I keep chaging my mind. :) I just found this after looking abit further.


Another way... not completely fool proof, but you can policy out the visability of certain drive letters.

The other way is to by a third party tool, most of these have the necessary functions to block all removable storage, not just USB. There's heaps out there. Never used any of them, but that's the
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bandarmanAuthor Commented:
Hi RobArdill,

Thanx for your last reply. I went to microsoft link you provided me and created the .adm file but don't know exactly where to drop this file and what to do next ???
could you please explain this with more deatils.

Thanx again for your help
James ClintonSenior System Support EngineerCommented:
In Group Policy management
Select the group policy you want to apply this to e.g. default domain policy
click on either adminisrative templates and select
filtering - untick only show policy settings that can be fully managed
action add/remove templates
then add and browse to the .adm file

when added this will appear amongst all the other settings

have you also read this..?

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Beat me to it.. But yeah that's the way to do it.

Didn't I answer the question?

You asked for the exact policy I supplied, not how to use GPMC and I got no credit.
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