Deploying Web Farm, Reccomendations

I am deploying a web/citrix farm and i am after a router reccomendation.

I have 4 citrix servers and 4 web servers. at any one time i could have a maximum of 80-120 users connected.

I also have a Cisco 506e. What i am after is if people think this router is up to the job or what people would reccomend instead?
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Chris StauntonCommented:
Well you have a 506e which isn't a router it's a PIX box, however you will be able to use routing functionality with it.  Currently we have 1400 seats running all traffic through a 506e to the internet without problem.


The Pix 506e is rated to process up to 100mb of clear text traffic.  Unless you have an internet link that is bigger then a T3, it will be fine.

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Right, it depends on the amount of traffic and how much bandwidth you have ingrees/egress. I have seen one webserver do 30Mbps sustained, so again it depends. If you plan to expand and grow your site then I would look into a more robust firewall solution. More information is needed.

harbor235 ;}
Avatar261Author Commented:
Well lets say each Citrix server has 20 users, each using a maximum of 30k. Total 2400.

The 4 Web servers probably would only transfer perhaps 4-8 Megs each at a heavy usage time.

The environment will continue to grow with another 2 citrix boxes and 2 web servers planned for the near future.
Are there any other requirements for the firewall?

VPNs (remote access, site-to-site), IDP, how will you manage this site? remotely?, etc ....

If not it does sound like the 506E can handle your needs, however, remember that the more things you
turn on the more impact on resources you will have.

harbor235 ;}
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