Passing Flashvars Dynamically without reloading page


I am developing a flash file that will colour an image based on a hex value passed in from a flashvar field when the movie is loaded. This now works a treat thanks to help from Aneesh on here.

What would make it ideal is if I could update a flashvar and then get the flash movie to check for updated values and recolour the image accordingly. Being new to flash and especially actionscript, some hands on examples would be perfect.

I am passing in three flashvars
rg = a hex colour value such as 0xFFFFFF
rg2 = same as above used to colour a different movie file
urldesign = a filename of a transaparent background png image which i colour in from rg2 and display over a template that is coloured from rg.

I would like people on the site to be able to change the values of rg and rg2 on a form which submits the values to the flash movie and changes the colours when they click.

Any help appreciated.


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you can do this:

Change = function (prop, oldVal, newVal, speedLimit) {
         /* change colors here.. prop is the name of changed variable, newVal is it's new value and oldVal old.*/

        /*this return must be here, otherwise the variable won't change value*/      
      return newVal;
//assuming rg, and rg2 are _root variables"rg", Change);"rg2", Change);

//anytime the value of rg or rg2 is changed, Change function is called....

hboysAuthor Commented:
Hi Ivan,

I need the form to be in a html document. If the user changes a value on the html form it passes over this new value to the flash movie which in turns changes the colour.

Aneesh ChopraCTOCommented:
Hi hboys,

firstly, you would have to send the variables values to flash
html can use javascript and setvariable function to send the updated variables to flash

here are complete Step by Step tutorials from macromedia on "javascript to flash" and "flash to javascript" communication


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Aneesh ChopraCTOCommented:

Also see the following post,
it explains how to use newly received values in flash
(Read my all comments in this post)
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