Print connection error in MS-Project

Hi there, any help with this will be much appreciated!

last week we had a user come to us with 2 project documents that he couldn't print, he was able to print other project docs fine. After he tried to print one of these two docs if he then created a new document, this wouldn't print either. He had to reopen and print one of the 'good' docs first.

Now, this issue has spread to about a dozen of our project managers, and now completely disrupts network printing from within Project. Even opening a known good document doesn't work anymore. They are completely unable to print to a network printer from Project, and this is spreading to more users. (they can print the docs to a local printer but this isn't much use as hardly any of our users have local printers)

the error message we receive when clicking on the print button is "The printer connection isnt working, check your printer connections and then try again". Everyone with this issue is still able to print from any other application without any problems, it's only affecting project.

All people affected by this are running WinXP, Office 2003 and Project with SP1. I have tried it on my machine with project patched to SP2 and it's the same. We're running Trend Officescan as a corporate AV solution and I've checked that all the clients with the problem are running with the latest pattern files.

Many, Many thanks!
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just delete pritner and add again.  if not work try

To install a printer driver, follow these steps:
1.      Click Start, and then click Printers and Faxes.
2.      Right-click the printer that you want to change drivers for, and then click Properties.
3.      To install a new or an updated version of the printer driver by using the Add Printer Driver Wizard, click New Driver on the Advanced tab.
4.      Click Next, and then use one of the following methods:
•      Click the appropriate printer manufacturer and printer model if the new or the updated driver is on the list.
•      Click Have Disk if the printer driver is not included in the list, or if you have received a new or an updated driver on CD or disk from the printer manufacturer. Type the path where the driver is located, and then click OK.
5.      Click Next, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finish installing the printer driver.
james19179Author Commented:
We had tried removing and reconnecting to the printer, but that didn't resolve this.

We have now got to the bottom of the issue though, but thanks for the help! this is an issue with our main print server (probably a driver update needed), which would explain why the user could print the docs out on a local printer if one was present.

the way we have temporarily worked round this is by setting up a local print driver pointing to the network printer by IP address, thereby cutting out the print server. Obviously this isn't ideal, and we've had to do it on about dozen clients, but it buys us some time to figure out what the issue is with the print server and resolve it.

Thanks anyway!
Kind regards
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Is there any chance that the PRINT button on the MS Project file is not a legitimate print button but placed by custom code or VBA or macro? Try using the FILE > PRINT from the main menu of MS Project. Or try printing by pressing CTL and P.

From the text of the error message that you wrote i suspect that it isn't calling the Windows Print routine but just displaying that message.


james19179Author Commented:
No, the issue was with the print server. The error was appearing however we tried to print from within project. Once the local print driver was set up to point to the network printer, cutting out the print server, and set as default, the toolbar print button worked ok. It was just went the job was being sent via the print server.

We restarted this server last night and updated a couple of printer drivers and all is now well.

thanks anyway!
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