After uninstalling GFI Mailsecurity, getting the message Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft exchange server

After going through this process with is documented here on another thread:

I have been getting this error: "Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft exchange server"

Running Exchange 2003 with Outlook 2003

Steps thus far:
I have updated office with office sp2

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I would just check that all the 'Automatic' Exchange-related services are running on the server.  Unless you already have?
meechp123Author Commented:
yeah, i did that. thanks for your reply though.
Is Outlook totally unable to connect to the server, or is it just slowed down a lot?
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meechp123Author Commented:
outlook connects to the server and messages come through, it just slows down a bit and the error comes up.
When that happens to me, it's either because I've asked Outlook to do something complicated, like delete a few thousand messages grouped by sender, or something has upset the server, sending its CPU utilization though the roof.  Have a look at the Task Manager on the server, and see if it's under heavy load for some reason.
meechp123Author Commented:
it's under some increased load, would you suggest installing more RAM?
Well, when I see that message nowadays, I just don't worry about it any more.  There are some archiving tasks that I do with my mailbox at the end of each month, and I expect to see that message a few times because I move lots of emails from one folder to another.  I don't think it means anything's really broken, just that I've asked it to do a lot, and it's a bit confused.

I would worry about it if it appeared when I wasn't doing anything, though.  When does it happen in your case?

Also check the CPU utilization at the client end.  It may be that the resource problem is not at the server end.  RAM is so cheap these days, adding more is never a bad idea.

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