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Is there a freeware or something out there that will point me to a node on the network that is hogging bandwidth? I have a Cisco pix-501. And run various Windows nodes. I'd like to be able to track down a host that is over-using the LAN's resources... I can remember an old boss of mine having a tool that would give a graphic interface of the bandwidth useage on the LAN... But I cannot remember it's name or where he found it. Any ideas?
Bill WarrenIT ManagerAsked:
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Chris StauntonCommented:
MRTG was probably the software you are referring to, there are many different flavors of monitoring software that have evolved from MRTG, you should be able to google for any of them.


Ethereal ( is another one... there is functionality in it to do graphs as well.

BTW - is the link for MRTG

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yeah, I agree with ethereal.  It's open source, and works great.
Bill WarrenIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
How could I get ethereal to capture an interface on my firewall/Gateway? Is that what I should be doing to tell whos using the most bandwidth
Ethereal has a graphical interface that will show you the heavy talkers on the network in graph form.  Most switches will allow you to set up a mirrored port, which will show you ALL traffic on the network.  You could also plug a hub in between your gateway router, and the connected network device, then plug your pc into that hub and capture all network traffic.
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