Attachment Error

This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.
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This means that the file extension that you have on the attachment has no associated program.

Save the attachment locally to you hard drive, the try opening it (file/open) in the application that you expect the attachment to be (ie word for .doc)

If you dont know what program SHOULD open the attachment, contact the sender, as it might be a trojon etc.


Greetings, astover !

1. Try saving the attachment, and then open it.

2. Perform this registry edit

Outlook Attachment

Best wishes!
astoverAuthor Commented:
Nothing worked.

I am using Outlook Express 6.0   I don't know about the Outlook 2003 you are referring to
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Since this is an MS Outlook topic, and you did not post what type of email client you have, I assume it was MS Outlook.

For Outlook Express, did you try what I posted above, save the attachment and open it?

If the file still gives the same error, right click on the attachment and select Open With.  Select the program to open (eg MS Word if it is .doc file).  Check Always use this program to open file type.
astoverAuthor Commented:
When I Right Click I have open with
You need to save the attachment first to a folder, then right click to select Open With.

Save the file and right click to get Open with. If you do not see it, right click with the SHIFT key pressed.

To assist a little can you post what types of attachments that you cannot open. In the email look at the attachments and tell us the extension. It is the three character code after the dot. <filename>.<extension>

Best regards

astoverAuthor Commented:
This is the only one I cannot open.  "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.  Create an association in the Folders Option in the Control Panel"   The attachment is Gym Membership (210KB)
I do not know how to create an association in the Folders Option.  Nothing I have looked up on the Internet about this works.

Please go back to the FIRST comment in this question (mine) that explains what to do.

As the attachment is entitled "gym membership" I will assume it is a word document.  Once the attachment is saved locally, open word, goto file/open, in "file types" select "all files" and browse to where you saved the file.  You will then be able to re-save the file using the .doc extension.

Does the document have an extension that you can see? Gym Membership.XXX (XXX being the extension).
astoverAuthor Commented:
It starts with (211 KB)  then (210 KB)  209  and 208 and the a block form comes up and asks if I want to open this attachment.  When I click YES,  the error message appears

Are you reading and acting on my suggestions??

astoverAuthor Commented:
I am trying to follow your instructions but I am new to this type computer.

The ones I use at work are extremely expensive and more sophisticated than my home desktop.  My business Laptop Computer does not need a keyboard has none.  It uses a system of desktop codes you merely touch to activate.  Therefore I am having to learn my home computer system all over again.  I do not understand some of the terminology you use.  I do not know how to save the attachment to the hard drive.  I do not understand "Word" and cannot find it.  I have Wordpad but no Word?  As you can see you are dealing with computer DUMMY on this type.
I need step-by-step instructions to be able to follow you.
Ok, chances are there is nothing wrong with you computer except that you dont have the required application.

Here are the steps to follow:

1)  look at who sent you the email
2)  Find their phone number
3)  Phone them
4)  Explain that your computer does not have the application required to open the attachment
5)  Ask the to send a HARDCOPY to you by POST

This will give you the required result, and require less effort undestanding from you.

astoverAuthor Commented:
I just noticed that my "Save Attachments"  is greyed out and will not let me save.
How do I correct this?

If the attachment is blocked, then you need to follow these instructions

Perform this registry edit

In Outlook Express, go to Tools > Options > Security.  Deselect "Do not allow attachment..."

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