SSH access didn't work, the resolution was:

under /etc/ssh/sshd_config, these are added:
#stopsrc -s prngd
#stopsrc -s sshd

#startsrc -s prngd
#startsrc -s sshd

#UseDNS no
and then,
stopsrc -s sshd
startsrc -s sshd

The question I have is why/how it was changed.  It worked fine before, but something has happened by someone.
It there a way to trace why SSH suddenly was not working?
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You added lots of comments to sshd_config. They make no change at all.
JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
Then, do you think that stopsrc -s sshd startsrc -s sshd took care of it?
I think so. Damage in file is somewhere else.
Look for all files named sshd_config - find / -name sshd_config
Then find differences between two files with diff. And undo those irreleavant.
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JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
ok, but the question (why/how it was changed) still remains.
Another word, why it (stopsrc -s sshd startsrc -s sshd) had to be done?
To restart ssh server to apply its new condifuration. Log messages are written to wherever /etc/syslog.conf specifies when syslog daemon is started. Otherwise AIX tent to make no logs at all.

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JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
ok, I found that 'PasswordAuthentication' was set to 'no' under both of ssh_config and sshd_config.
I commented out 'PasswordAuthentication no', which makes the default 'yes'.
and then stopsrc -s sshd startsrc -s sshd.

Thanks much.
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