c#: how to get data from mySQL?

Hi all.
currently I have the following code:
static public DataTable getSQLresult(string inQuery) {
HelperDebug.addDebug("[start]:HelperDBMySQL.getSQLresult(string inQuery)",1);
string MyConString = "";
MyConString = "Provider=mySQLODBC; DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver};" +
                                                                        "SERVER=localhost;" +
DataTable returnTable = new DataTable();
try {
      OdbcConnection myConnection = new OdbcConnection ();
      myConnection.ConnectionString = MyConString;
      OdbcDataAdapter adp11 = new OdbcDataAdapter(inQuery, myConnection);
      try {
      } catch (Exception myError) {
} catch (Exception myError) {
return returnTable;

1) How do I put data form a select query to the "returnTable"?
2) Is this a senseful method?
2a) Would you do it like this or is there a general mistake?
2b) Are the positions for opening and closing myConnection ate a good point?
2c) Should I return DataGrids? How?

Thank you
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SmoerbleAuthor Commented:
No answers? Why?
you could fill a dataset with the dataadapter and return that....

Dataset ds = new Dataset();

adp11.Fill(ds, "A_Table_Name");

return ds;

I would initialise everything outside the try catch and only do the fill inside the try catch.
catch(Exception ex)

You dont need  connection.Open(); or connection.Close(); filling a dataset with an adapter.


SmoerbleAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the answer.
If I fill it with an adapter, can I still do queries that contain JOINS etc? Or does this make things more complicated?
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you can do whatever query you like, containing joins, declares etc.  You may want to look into stored procedures if they get silly big but there is nothing stopping you having a huge query in a string and simple giving it to the adapter in the same way.

SmoerbleAuthor Commented:
I would prefere to use stored procs. But right now I think I can not understand how to create danymicaly generated queries when using stored procs. So i have to got with normal queries (which might cause issues with sql injection).
Sometimes it is difficult to use stored procs when for example the query is dependant on several drop down lists.  You are better off building the query in your code.
You should not suffer problems talking to the SQL server unless the queries are massive i guess.

To build your queries i would use a StringBuilder.  look at the bottom section of this page...
you can then build your string through a stage of if statements (or whatever) to build the correct clause into your query.


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