hardware recommendations for Exchange 2003 front end server

I'm thinking about deploying an Exchange 2003 front end server for a 70 user network.  The front end server will also be the email gateway.  It will have GFI Mail Security (gateway mode v9), Mail Essentials v11, and Mail Archiver 3 attendant loaded.  Below are my specs.  Will this be enough?  Keep in mind, it's only a font end server and there will be no mailboxes on this server.

Dual PIII 1.2 Ghz's
4 gigs RAM
36.4 x 3 - RAID 5
redundant power supplies

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Hi gopher_49,

The specs quoted will suffice for the applications you listed + an Exchange Front End Server.  Reference http://www.petri.co.il/sizing_exchange_part_1.htm for more information.

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gopher_49Author Commented:
great.  Now I have to convince the powers above for more money!  I thought about not implementing a front end server and using my existing Exchange server for RPC over HTTPS requests and OWA, however, it's also a domain controller.  Would you suggest taking advantage of the front end configuration?

Defintiely!  Also strongly discourage using RPCoHTTP and OWA on a DC.  The front end configuration will serve you well...
gopher_49Author Commented:
sounds good.  I knew before hand that OWA and RPC over HTTPS was not recommended on a DC, however, budget didn't permit another server at that time.  I'll go ahead and move forward with the front end configuration.  I've been wanting to implement this for almost a year now.  This should increase both my performance and security.  Currently users get 'Outlook is trying to retreive data from the server' messages.  Currently our Exchange server has GFI Faxmaker, Mail Essentials, Mail Security, Spector CNE, and Mail Archiver all loaded on the same box.  It's also a DC.  I know this is horrible.  I also plan to put it on a DMZ port once we upgrade our PIX.  

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