Insert HTML inside <asp:panel> control in ASP.NET 2.0

I have a string of HTML (<u><i>hello</i></u>) that I would like to be able to insert inside <asp:panel></asp:panel>  is there way to do this programatically (from VB).
Also, the 2.0 framwork has classes such as HTMLAnchor, HTMLButton, etc... is there a anything that would let me access the HTML <div> tag and it's innerHTML.  That way, I don't have to use <asp:panel>.
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if you store all that HTML to a string, you could set the text of an asp:Label to that string and it should render out your HTML.
ChaffeAuthor Commented:
craskin, I thoguht about that too, but I'd rather store it in a <div> instead of <span> so I can have a little more flexibility.  Any thoughts?
Jason ScolaroCommented:
Hi Chaffe,

Panel1.Controls.Add(New LiteralControl("<u><i>hello</i></u>"))

I'd stick with the <asp:Panel>, it's just the server control version of a <div>.  It should satisfy your needs.  Good luck!

-- Jason

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ChaffeAuthor Commented:
Jason, this works.  But do you think I could be facing performance issues if I start doing this with big chunks of html strings?
Jason ScolaroCommented:

I don't think you would have any sort of performance issues versus any other option.  What is it that is being output in these big chucks of html strings?  The performance issue you'd probably need to concern yourself with is simply how much data is being sent to the browser... if the HTML string gets insanely large, then it would take a while for the browser to download it... but other than that.. you should be fine.

-- Jason
ChaffeAuthor Commented:
Makes sense.  Thanks a lot for all of your help.  I see you're the featured Expert now.  You certainly deserve it Jason.
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