Extract from MS Word without Word installed

I need to extract from MS Word documents without MS Word installed, any ideas?

Will consider third party components.


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TotalIQAuthor Commented:
But I don't think you can interact with the free word viewer in code, unless you know differently?
The PDF converter also understands the Word format.
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TotalIQAuthor Commented:
Which PDF converter?
TotalIQAuthor Commented:
I want to open the word document and extract all the text, then do something with that text.
I meant the PDF writer from Adobe.

However according to the page that I indicated, Microsoft's Word viewer can be used to copy text to other applications.

You could try this WordOCX:


TotalIQAuthor Commented:
There must be a way to do this, I cant believe it is so difficult to convert MS Word documents to HTML or TEXT.

Is there anyway to maybe open the file in a text stream within vb and clean out the MS markup?

Somebody must have done this before, I am happy to pay anyone for a solution.
If you want to programatically access Word documents, and are willing to pay, why not buy Word?

Actually OpenOffice might have the answer. This seems to be talkng about a batch converter.


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TotalIQAuthor Commented:
We have Word, but the application we are building will be installed on servers that dont have Word nor do our clients want to pay for Word for the unattended process that our application performs.

I will take a look at the openoffice idea, ideally we want a component or someway to integrate without the use of command line executing.
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