Keyboard Mapping Error

I have one toshiba laptop computer XP Pro that we recently added to our domain.  When we log in as a domain user many of the keys that are normally used by the right hand (e.g. uiop) are incorrectly mapped.  These particular keys (there are others) are mapped as UIOP -> 456-.  If I plug in an external keyboard, the UIOP keys are correctly mapped as UIOP.  If I log in a a local user of the computer, the keys are correctly mapped as UIOP.  I've tried removing the domain user and the domain profiles and re-adding them.  Same result.  We have a number of laptops on the domain and have never seen the problem before (either with laptops or with desktops).

I've read a lot of the previous posts on keyboard errors and haven't seen this one before.

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Most notebook keyboards allow that same section to be remapped as a numeric keypad (since most of them don't have keys dedicated to be a numberic keypad). There is a key on the keyboard to switch between the regular and keypad modes.  Have you tried using that key to toggle the mode?

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BobByersAuthor Commented:
I think you've hit it.  I'll check it tomorrow and close this out if that is the case.
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