I Killed the log file for a Database and the backups. Will i get fired?

Yesterday I was desperate trying to get a sql server to run apparently some user uploaded a huge amount of data to the
small development server ( the application of course is not finished)
and it killed all other processes running on the server .
Background info:
before going into production the apps go into a small SQL2000 server running on windows 2003
and somebody ate all the hard drive space (40 GB) with a single database (they tried to pull all the information
from the mainframe) and I had a 6 GB database with a 22 GB database log
the database file is called compilator_data.mdf and the log file WAS called compilator_data.ldf
in the same server we have another 5 databases that  we're working on
and nobody could work
it was 2 AM in the morning and having only 384 KB of free space regrettably i did the following.

a) Tried to Shrink the database the shrink was successful but the database and log file size remained the same
b) erased all the backups from the server and tried to do a backup of the database and it did not complete  due to lack of HD space
c) Unmounted (took offline) the database and erased the log and then tried to restart the database and nothing

What can I Do?
Should I clear my desk?
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1st things 1st..
never give actual names of databases on any public forums...

if the database is online..take full db backup and also the log bkp..
if there aint any space ask some system admin to arrange for it...

when u say "erased the log and " did u delete the ldf file...
if so the db wud go in suspect mode....
look @ dbcc rebuildlog undocm proc....

try 2 bring the db online...

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TOPIOAuthor Commented:
I tried
dbcc rebuildlog (compilator_data, 1, 0)
 and i got
Incorrect DBCC statement. Check the documentation for the correct DBCC syntax and options.
the syntax is

DBCC REBUILD_LOG ('<dbname>', '<path>\<dbname>_Log.ldf')
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TOPIOAuthor Commented:
FYI I'm running this from the sql query analyzer
I Got
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.

But there was not any log file created and it completed in less than a second

But when i try to mount the database i got

Error 5181: Could not restart database 'Compilator_data'. reverting back to old status.
ALTER DATABASE statement Failed.
Device activation error. the Physical file name 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\compilator_data.ldf' may be incorrect.
sp_dboption command failed

therefore my next deduction is that I'm doing something incorrectly.

TOPIOAuthor Commented:
I tried also
DBCC checkdb ('compilator_data', REPAIR_REBUILD )
but i get
Database 'Compilator_data' cannot be opened because it is offline.
if u can access the offline db from enterprise manager
u can right click >> all tasks>> Bring Online....
and then try the dbcc rebuildlog
TOPIOAuthor Commented:
wen step by step and  perhaps it would be useful to tell you that I  took the db offline and then erased the log :*(
TOPIOAuthor Commented:
Every time i try to do this I get the error
Error 5181: Could not restart database 'Compilator_data'. reverting back to old status.
ALTER DATABASE statement Failed.
Device activation error. the Physical file name 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data\compilator_data.ldf' may be incorrect.
sp_dboption command failed

I tried using the log of another blank database but that did not work either.
wats the last recent backup of the db ..
restore it ...or u cant even do tat...
TOPIOAuthor Commented:
As it has happened again and again after looking throuh the many answers unrelated to my question
I finally found what  I was lloking for in

Thanks very much to pai_prasd for his time
and thanks to everybody that I bothered by sending this question by mail.

basically all I had to do was to DETACH and then REATACH the database and the server did the rest for me.
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
I am afraid this may be one of those cases that we have all lived through once.  In other words, if you do not have a reliable backup and the database is corrupted you are going to have to re-enter all the information.

Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but someone has to break it to you.
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