Please explain how to fix uneven, buzzing audio in Adobe Premiere 7

I'm having trouble fixing sound problems in Adobe Premiere Pro. I'm using version 7.0 and working on a Dell workstation that has plenty of memory and speed. When I recorded the dv footage , I must have had the levels on the Shure recording equipment that the camera was hooked up to wrong. I was filming a group of people talking around a table. I used a pod mike in the center of the table.

When I play the footage on my computer, the sound is uneven, and even worse there is frequent buzzing, humming drone throughout the movie, and that sound gets worse when the speaker raises her voice a bit.

Adobe Premiere Pro has a lot of tools for fixing sound problems, and I've tried to understand how to use them but even reading books and using adobe's help section leaves me lost. I played around with the de-noiser and some other noise reduction tools (I can't remember exactly what I did) and I applied those sound effects to all the sound clips so they would be equal. When I played the movie in Premiere pro it sounded a bit better after I did that, not much, but it helped a little. Unfortunately when I exported the edited sequences out of Premiere Pro and iimported them into Adobe Encore, the sound became even worse than before I did anything. The buzzing that occurs when the speaker raises her voice is painful now. It actually  made my teeth hurt.

I will go ahead and remove the sound fixes that I attempted to make in Premiere Pro, so that there will be a blank slate onto which I can apply your expert instructions on removing horrible buzzing noises and equalizing sound. I will also need to know what method is best for exporting from Premiere PRo so that the sound doesn't get even worse in Encore.

This time when I exported the sequences, I used the Export to Movie command with the settings at Microsoft DV AVI, No embedding options, add keyframe at every edit, and the audio was set to uncompressed, 4800 hz, 16 bit sample, stereo, interleave 1 frame.

THank you so much
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As the video has already been recorded, it may be difficult to reduce buzzing etc in the sound levels. You could try Adobe Audition to clean up the sample:
The noise reduction abilities of Premiere are extremely limited, so like shuboarder says, the program to use would be Adobe Audition.

Here is a noise reduction tutorial for Audition:

And in the future use headphones while recording, and save yourself a lot of trouble later...

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JaniceKristinaJohnsonAuthor Commented:
Thank you both. My employer agreed to buy Audition, so I should be able to iron out this problem. Thanks for the headphones advice too.

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