Calculating ETA from only a percentage of progress

Ah hello.

I have a class function.  That function starts a thread, whose sole purpose is to call an SDK function.  That SDK function reports progress back via a special CALLBACK function.  I would like to be able to report to the user an estimate of how long the SDK function will take to complete.

Now then.

All that I get back from the SDK is a double representing the progress so far; between 0 and 1.0.  Not very useful.  So I put some thought in, and came up with the idea of having an independent timer running alongside the SDK CALLBACK.  Setting the timer up to send a message to me every one second, I could wait until, say, two seconds have passed, then look at how much progress has been made in the CALLBACK.  I could then base calculations on the time remaining around the fact that on average, ( progress made in two seconds / 2 ) % progress is made every one second.  And go from there...

This sounds a bit messy though.  I would need some sort of member variable holding the number of seconds passed as reported by my timer, that the CALLBACK also has access to.  Then I would need to protect access to that variable possibly...

Not a serious problem, but I am guessing that someone has come across this kind of issue before.

Any better ideas ?

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AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / ConsultantCommented:
Sounds reasonable to me.  
How reliable is the progress report from the SDK function?
<  0 to 0.5 takes 10 seconds, 0.5 to 1.0 takes 100 seconds !!  Think M$ explorers guesstimate of duration left, I wish I had £1 for each time it says 5 seconds to complete and that is shown for x minutes>

(Remember the two pocesses aren't synchronised but that shouldn't be a problem)
I would probably use GetTickCount() rather than a timer (not because of more accurate timing, just to make things simpler)...


    // get starting tick count and save in member variable
    m_dwStart = GetTickCount();
    //start your process

then in progress callback function...

    DWORD dwDuration = GetTickCount() - m_dwStart;
    // esitmate time left
    DWORD dwTimeLeft = (dwDuration/progress -dwDuration);

of course your time estimate is now in milliseconds which is far too precise, but just round to the nearest second...

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mahesh1402IT ProfessionalCommented:
>>I would need some sort of member variable holding the number of seconds passed as reported

if you can use shared MFC/ATL classes have a look at 'CFileTime' class...

EVEN if  class provides methods for managing the date and time values associated with a file You can use it to calculate difference between two times in MiliSeconds / Seconds

eg. have look at CFileTime::Millisecond  static data member.. refer this sample...


mrwad99Author Commented:
Thanks all :)
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