i have windows sever 2000
2 hard disks connected, one master and one primary

hard disk one is OS installed

i want hard disk 2 to work as a shadow of hard disk   1

if disk 1 fails disk 2 should automatically start OS

is it possible?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sort of - what you want to do is a RAID - RAID 1 (Mirroring, specifically).  The second disk must be AT LEAST the size of the first.  Then both disks need to be converted to Dynamic.  Finally, you need to use Disk Management in Computer Management so that disk 1 mirrors onto disk 2 (Disk Management is also where you go to convert to Dynamic disks).

Lastly, you'll want to make another entry in your boot.ini file so you can boot off the mirror image of the drive on the other disk.

To be clear, a mirror is an exact copy of the other disk that is constantly kept up to date.  In theory, if one drive fails, your system will keep running off the other drive.  I have heard conflicting reports about how well that theory works in practice, but worse comes to worse, you would just have to reboot (with the edited boot.ini file).

IDEALLY, you'd want to do a HARDWARE RAID 1 - what I have just described is a software RAID 1 as Windows 2000 (the software) is what establishes and manages the mirror).  A hardware RAID one is one where the controllers running the disks perform the mirroring.  This is generally more reliable as Windows doesn't have a native clue it's on a RAID and so the failure of one disk, more often than with a software RAID, WILL keep the system running.

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